3 Best Free Online Text Editors for Writers and Bloggers


Writers and bloggers have to do a lot of writing quickly and efficiently within a limited time.

When it comes to quickly writing content for articles, you’ll learn that formatting the content for online publishing isn’t that easy.

While publishing a blog online, online text editors will allow you to easily write, edit, and publish content without any errors.

Online text editing tools are widely used by bloggers and writers to write and submit content with multiple useful features.

These online tools work same as the MS Word online and let you write content easily and without a lot of hassle.

Why use Online Text Editors?

Writers can use different text editing tools because of the following reasons:

Saves Time

These online tools save valuable time for writers and bloggers from installing different word editing software.

The online text editors don’t require any installation or signup process to write content.

Writers can easily access them from the internet and can write and submit their work within the given deadline.

Different Formatting Styles

The best thing about these tools is that they allow writers to change the format of the text without any hassle.

They can easily make their text bold, italic, and underlined within seconds.

Getting Source Code

Apart from writing and editing the content, these online tools come with different unique features.

Writers can easily get the accurate source code (HTML code) of the input text by using the editor with one click.

Faster to Edit Text Online

These tools make it really quick to write and save the text in less time. Now, there is no need to install time-taking word editing software to write content for blogs and articles.

Further, in this article, we are going to list some of the most recommended online text editing tools that can help writers to write and edit content with less effort.

3 Best Free Online Text Editing Tools for Writers and Bloggers

1.  Prepostseo.com


This online platform is providing more than 90 free online tools to help writers, bloggers, and webmasters.

The rich text editor by Prepostseo allows bloggers to write and edit their simple text effortlessly.

The editor comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface. To use a free editor, all you need to do is write or paste the text into the editor to make changes where required.

The interesting thing about this editor is that writers can use its Full-Screen mode to edit their text without any distractions.

Useful Features of this Online Text Editor

  • The editor lets you edit your plain text with an easy-to-use interface.
  • It allows you to add multiple emoticons and special characters to the text.
  • Bloggers can also add bullets and numbered listings to the content to make it easily readable.
  • Writers can use its link insertion feature to add a link to a specific anchor text.
insert link
  • This free utility also helps bloggers to insert media files and tables anywhere in the content.
  • They can use its Find & Replace feature to change words within the content in no time.
  • It counts the exact numbers of words written in the editor.
  • After editing the content, this editor allows users to save the edited text file in both PDF and DOC format.
  • This simple text editor is free for all and requires no signup process to make changes in the content.

Apart from these features, this editor also provides multiple useful options to check the plagiarism and grammar of the edited text in seconds.

2.  Editpad.org

Edit pad is popular among writers because it helps them to write content for blogs, articles, and assignments with its free text-editing tool.

This online text editor is specially developed for writing and editing simple text with basic writing features.

To use this editor, simply type or paste your text in it or upload a text file from the local storage to make necessary changes in it.


The thing we like the most about this tool is that it allows us to download the edited text with one click.

Key Features of this Online Text Editor

  • It gives an amazing feature to directly paste the content in the editor to make changes where required.
  • Bloggers can also upload text files from their local storage with one click.
  • Writes can use this utility to write and save outlines for blogs and articles.
  • This editor counts the accurate numbers of words and sentences written in the input box.
  • It gives an incredible feature to download the modified text file for future use.
  • Users can use its Saved Notes feature to access the previously edited text.
  • It is completely free and secure to use for all writing purposes.

3.  Onlinehtmleditor.dev


The plain text editor by this website works same as the MS Word. This text editor comes with various useful writing options and allows writers to make changes in the content in less time.

Bloggers can also create headings in the content to make it user-engaging and easy to read.

The noticeable thing about this editor is that it helps writers to write content in multiple font styles.

This online text-editing tool lets users write and paste simple text in the input field to make changes where required.

Features of this Free Simple Text Editor

  • It allows writers to directly paste and edit the text in the input box with multiple options.
  • You can use its Full-Screen mode to modify your text without any distractions.
  • This editor allows you to set the text alignment in left, right, center, and justify sides.
  • It helps bloggers to change the size of the text as per requirement.
  • It also allows users to add media files to the edited text without any hassle.
  • This editor is also free for everyone and requires no signup or registration process to edit simple text.


These were some online text editing tools that you can use for creating content. All of these are great in their own regard, and you can take your pick depending on your need and requirement.

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