How to Batch Convert EML to PDF with Attachments ?


Do you want to convert several EML files into PDF with attachments? Are you also looking for an instant and cost-effective solution for exporting emails from EML to PDF documents? Then read on and explore this article to the fullest!

Recently, there are countless email applications available in the online marketplace that make all tasks simple and easier for users. As everyone knows, EML is a common file extension that is mostly compatible with several email clients. EML is compatible with Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and many others. On the other hand, PDF is a portable document format that is more protected to store data information. It easily contains many entities, such as texts, images, fonts, hyperlinks, media graphics, etc. Now, let’s start with a user query. In this way, a user can fully understand the situation.

Corporate User Query

Hello, I am a Microsoft Outlook user and I have more than 1000 emails that I want to transfer EML to PDF with attachments for my commercial purpose. But I can’t export EML to PDF, that is, only Adobe Reader visible. Now I am looking for a professional way to do this task. So can anyone suggest the same?

I have been looking for a quick method that migrates my Outlook Express EML file to the PDF format. I tried the manual option but its result in error. Because of this, I was able to share only a few files and it is a long process. So I have decided to batch convert EML to Adobe PDF. Is there a feasible solution that correctly converts the my.eml file to a PDF file format? If someone has completed it, please let me know.

Reasons to Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF Document

There are a number of reasons that arise when EML is exported to an Adobe PDF document. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The user can easily save numerous EML emails as a backup in a secure PDF format.
  • Simply obtain the complete data with the attached file along with the email in a particular file.
  • Store all data in that file systematically.
  • A PDF file is the safest format that does not allow anyone to open the PDF document without their permission.

How to Convert EML to PDF Format Quickly?

Currently, there are several applications available that convert EML files to PDF. Here we recommend one of the best programs, called BitRecover EML to PDF Converter. The tool is specially designed to move emails from EML to PDF format. This marvellous program also allows users for transferring EML messages to PDF along with attachments. Provides the complete EML file to convert PDF files accurately. From now on, the user interface is so simple and easy. In addition to this, the tool offers many robust features, some of them are analyzed below:

  • Convert messages from EML files to PDF format with attachments.
  • Provide multiple file name options for user help according to their needs.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows to convert EML files to PDF format.
  • Export several EML files to PDF format with no size limit
  • Maintain the formatting and metadata properties of each email when converting the EML file to PDF.

Steps to Bulk Convert EML Files to PDF Format

Download and start EML to PDF Converter on your system.

  • Convert multiple EML files to Adobe PDF, you must choose the Select folder option; otherwise, choose the Select files option.
  • After this, select the EML folder/files, the file path will be displayed and then press the Next button to convert EML to PDF.
  • Now, you will preview all the data folders, check the one you prefer to continue moving forward.
  • Then, choose the PDF option to convert EML to PDF with attachments.
  • Enter the desired location where you want to save your converted data. Click the Next button to batch convert the EML files to PDF.
  • The program will offer a number of file name options to organize data professionally.
  • Now, the process of converting EML files to PDF is completed successfully.
  • Find the data of your resulting file at the destination location.

Manual Method to Transfer EML to PDF Mailbox

  • Select the EML file and right-click on it.
  • Open that file in the word of Microsoft
  • Press the Office button in the upper left corner
  • Go to the Save As option and select Search for other file formats to save EML files in a PDF document.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

The method mentioned above has a number of limitations because a user always goes with an automated solution to transfer convert multiple EML files to PDF with attachments. Thus, some of the main demerits are mentioned below:

  • It takes so many times to migrate EML items to PDF.
  • This method is only to convert some EML files.
  • This process is very complex for naive users.
  • Possibility of damage to the data loss or corruption system, etc.


These days, how to convert EML to PDF format is the most common query. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to move data from one email client to another. Then, after analyzing the problem of converting EML files to PDF. Therefore, in this article, we provide the best solution that will easily convert EML to PDF with attachments without data loss or corruption issues. Therefore, if a user wishes to use the manual method, always consider the negative aspects of the manual method.

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