Do you want to produce a good picture with the specified quality? Here is an alternative to print a live image while adhering to all requirements. Images saved in PNG format may seem crisp on the screen, but they lose quality when printed. To avoid resolution loss, we should use the finest software available. Adobe Acrobat, as everyone knows, is one of the greatest options to convert PNG to PDF format. With this post, we will demonstrate how to effortlessly change PNG to PDF in Adobe Acrobat and the alternative – PDFelement Pro.

How to quickly convert an image file to a PDF using an online upload method?

When you need to share a picture or a graph for work, you don’t want to worry about the quality deteriorating or being distorted when it is seen across devices. Converting an image file, such as a PNG, to a PDF may ensure that your graphics appear appropriately. The advantages of converting an image to a PDF file go beyond merely digital sharing; converting an image to a PDF file is also an excellent alternative for printing.

Converting PNG to PDF in Adobe Acrobat

PNG format is often used in web pages. Because it handles file compression, the PNG format is a preferable choice. However, the quality will be lost as it is compressed and preserved. It appears that restoring the quality will be challenging. As a result, it is preferable to convert PNG to PDF format. You must be deliberate in selecting the program for this conversion. To change PNG to PDF format, Adobe Acrobat is the best option. The majority of consumers download and use Adobe Acrobat to convert PNG files to PDF files. Conversion is free for a long period once you get Adobe. The following are the steps to change PNG to PDF in Acrobat:

However, you can also use this tool to combine PNG to PDF format.

Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat and download and install the Adobe PNG to PDF converter. 

To utilize it, start it up. The Adobe home page will appear, as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Use Acrobat to convert PNG to PDF.

You may now launch Adobe Acrobat and select the “File” menu option. After you launch Adobe PNG to PDF converter, pick “Create” or “Tools” and then “Create PDF.”

Select the PNG file from your local computer or another supported location and click the “Open” or “Create” button to immediately change PNG to PDF with Acrobat. Then, go to ‘File,’ then ‘Save,’ to save the PDF to the destination.

When your project is complete, you can either download the compressed picture file or sign in to Adobe for more sharing possibilities. You may now share your PDF with confidence, knowing that users will see your photos precisely as they should.

Adobe Acrobat Alternative for Converting PNG to PDF

We’ve all heard of Adobe, but we’d like to introduce you to PDFelement Pro, one of the greatest alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for converting PNG to PDF. You can effortlessly convert a PNG file to a PDF file with this Adobe Acrobat alternative.

Step 1: Import PNG files into the program and run PDFelement Pro. 

Go to ‘Create PDF,’ choose PNG files from your computer, and then click “Open” to easily change PNG to PDF using Adobe Acrobat alternative – PDFelement Pro. You may also drag PNG files to PDFelement Pro to open them as PDF files.

Step 2: Modify PNG Files (Optional)

You can alter this picture PDF file before storing it as a PDF file after conversion. If this is your first time using this feature, click the “Perform OCR” button or go to “Convert” > “OCR” and follow the instructions to download the OCR library. After successfully downloading the OCR, choose the right language for the picture file contents and begin OCR. After the performance, the text on the picture PDF files can be modified.

By selecting “Alter,” you may immediately edit text, and put images, texts, or links into the PDF. And the Merge button is used to merge PNG to PDF format.

If you want to highlight text, click ‘Comment,’ and then select from the available options. In addition, under the ‘Comment’ option, you may add text, strikethrough, shapes, stamps, and notes.

Step 3: Save PDF documents

Finally, once you change PNG to PDF with PNG to PDF converters, go to ‘File’ > and ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ to save PDF files.

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