Convert OST to PST- Reasons, Solutions, and OST Software Development


Know about Outlook OST File and the Need to Convert it to PST. Check how you can develop OST to PST Converter Tools using APIs and the need for such a tool.

Everyone across the country is using various email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and many others for email communication. But you will find MS Outlook out of the box among the above-mentioned clients because it stores all its emails in a file format whereas others are Webmails. So, when you send an email from MS Outlook then it reaches the exchange server, and then it is sent to the respective email address you have entered. A cached file is created on the system having the details of the whole process and that file is known as an OST file or Outlook Offline Data File. You can catch more about an OST file here and check the reason for converting OST to PST.

What is an OST File?

An OST File is an Offline file that is saved on the local machine of the Outlook User when he works offline on MS Outlook. This file has all the relevant information about the tasks performed when MS Outlook was Offline. On the other hand, the cached data of the exchange server is also saved in an OST file format and this file has a .ost file extension. But if you want to read or access the information in the file then you will have to convert it to PST otherwise you can’t access the file.

Why Should You Change OST to PST?

Many software developers across the world are eager to know about the reason behind this OST to PST conversion but they aren’t getting the right answer. Here are the top reasons why we need to convert OST to PST.

  • To Access OST File Emails and Other Attachments.
  • To know about the details of the Sender and the Receiver.
  • Checking all the Sent and Received Outlook Emails when Outlook was Offline.
  • To see the calendars, tasks, and folders in the file.

How to Convert Offline Data File to PST

Here is good news for our readers, you will not have to spend any extra bucks to perform the conversion because if you have MS Outlook the conversion will be easier. You don’t have to be a developer or technical expert to perform the conversion manually. Exporting Outlook Mailbox as PST will convert the Outlook Offline Data File to PST.

You can apply some simple steps below and get your problem resolved:-

  • Login to MS Outlook using the Exchange Account credentials.
  • Make sure that Exchange Account was used for OST file creation.
  • Then go to the Files Tab and click on the Open & Export option
  • Then select the Import & Export option and choose the Export to a New File option.
  • Now click on the Next button and choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.
  • Click on the Next button and choose the folders that you want in your PST file.
  • Click again on Next and then click on the Browse button to define the location of created PST file.
  • Finally, click on the Finish button and your OST files created on that exchange account will be saved as PST.

So a Software developer doesn’t have to create a tool to perform the OST to PST conversion. But many non-techy Outlook users want a shortcut tool and they want our developers to develop such a shortcut utility because the conversion of hundreds or thousands of OST files would not be possible using the above steps.

Similarly, Outlook users lose data and some important emails from the OST file when they are converting it to PST. So, they are willing to have such a utility that resolves all the issues related to the manual conversion process. The preferred solution they want is an Automated Tool to be developed by software developers worldwide.

How to Develop OST Conversion Tool

If you are a software developer and you want to execute an efficient Software Development then you can use APIs that will help you to develop a tool. There are many Application Programming interfaces (APIs) available globally that will be a helping hand when you develop software. Being a technical expert I have analyzed that many software companies from different regions of the world use API to develop software.

Some common names of these companies are Systools Pvt. Ltd., Aryson Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Sysinfotools Pvt. Ltd., Stellar Pvt. Ltd., and many others. These companies have used the APIs to develop OST to PST Converter and they are quite trustworthy in data migration. You won’t lose a single piece of data from the OST file during the conversion if you are using Professional Software developed through these APIs.

You can develop Java-based software from the APIs available and use them for different purposes. After thorough research on Google, I came to know about the API Platforms that are used to develop various software whether they are made for data recovery or data migration.

Unbiased Review

I have downloaded OST to PST Converter from many Data Recovery websites and I used them to convert my OST file. All of them worked efficiently because they were developed using APIs. On the other hand, they were fast and performed 100% conversion of data. The APIs available online across the globe are productive and they are helping software developers to originate the best software that can be helpful for the users. Apart from OST to PST Converter, APIs can be used to develop other software as well. It can be a recovery software or migration software that can resolve issues of many individuals worldwide.


I hope that all your questions related to an OST file or APIs have been answered through the above information. Both Outlook Users and Software Developers can take the help of the above information and understand the software development process and OST Conversion process. You can manage your Outlook Offline Data File using the above manual technique and if it won’t work then the Professional Tools can be used that are developed through APIs. You can make a google search and find the best APIs to develop the tools for MS Outlook.

Remember, Software developments take time, and Rome wasn’t built in a day so you must try again and again to develop the best utility for OST Files.

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