How to Overcome “Filling of Form Fields Not Allowed in PDF” Issue?


“I received a form from my new organization. I need to fill out a PDF form and email it back to them. But, the problem is that I am unable to fill PDF form. I think filling of form fields not allowed in PDF document. Moreover, I do not have much knowledge about different type of PDF form. So, if anyone out there know any solution for the same, please suggest.”

Every important information nowadays is enclosed in PDF files either it is a legal document or project report or some sort of digital form. The main reason behind the popularity of PDF document is the level of security offered by it. Whenever a user thinks of keeping its data safe secure, PDF is the first that crosses the user’s mind. A user is allowed to set a various type of securities like open password security, some particular type of restriction. For example, edit, copy, form filling, print, etc.

Therefore, when users come across such protected or restricted PDF file, it becomes difficult to perform the desired action on it. They start facing issues like unable to fill PDF form. At that point of time, users start looking for some online solution. But, moving towards any random software for the quick solution is not the correct way of dealing. By keeping the value of your important data in mind, reliable techniques are discussed in this post.

How to Fix Filling of Form Fields Not Allowed in PDF Issue?

If a user finds that he/she cannot fill out PDF form, then there can be several possible reasons behind it. Thus, a user needs to look for the solution according to the problem only.

Case 1: One possible reason behind this problem is that the respective PDF file is restricted for “filling of form fields”. It means that the owner of the PDF file has applied restrictions on it from a security point of view due to which a user is unable to fill PDF form fields.

Solution: If PDF file has a filling of form fields restrictions on it, then bring it back in an accessible state by simply unlocking it. Now, the question is how to remove “Adobe Filling of form fields not allowed in PDF” restriction. In order to enable form filling in PDF & to handle it in a smart and proper way, a user is advised to take help of a professional solution. One such simple and reliable application are discussed below:

Method to Remove Filling of Form Fields Restrictions

When filling of form fields not allowed in PDF document then, it is suggested to use SysTools PDF Unlocker application.

This software can unlock secured PDF from form filling restrictions and other types of security from PDF file in no time. It does not require any password to unlock PDF from owner-level password security. The best part about the application is that it removes form filling and other restrictions from PDF file without Adobe Acrobat installed on the local machine. Apart from this, the application keeps the data intact as original even after unlocking it.

After unlocking or removing restrictions from PDF, the next step is to fill PDF form fields. In order to do the same in a proper way, try PDF Form Filler application.

How to Fill PDF Form Fields in a Proper Way?

Now, a user is having an unlocked and restriction-free PDF file. Thus, without wasting any time, start filling the form fields. This can be carried out in a proper way using PDF Form Filler Application.

It is a free software that let users open, edit, and fill PDF forms in a proper and accurate way. Apart from all this, the software does not require any Adobe application installation on the local machine. In addition, it also lets users save and export fillable PDF on the local machine. In order to check all details of form properly, Zoom In/ Out options is also available.

Case 2: If you find that the Adobe filling of form fields not allowed in PDF then, it might be possible that PDF form fields are not interactive or fillable. At that point, it does not mean that PDF is restricted due to which you are unable to fill PDF form. It is just that the PDF form is flat form and is not created in a fillable form. Thus, in such a condition can do one thing i.e., take print out of PDF form and then fill it as required. But, to do it in a digital manner, one needs to look for some solution.

Solution: When it comes to filling a flat form, a user is suggested to use the Fill & Sign tool. It is a free application by Adobe to fill in the flat-forms. It is one of the best and efficient application to deal with non-interactive PDF forms. A user can use this tool on Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader without any hassle.


Handling restricted PDF file in a proper way is not at all an easy task. But, it becomes really important when a user needs to fill the PDF form. If filling of form fields not allowed in PDF, a user can follow the multiple solutions discussed in the post above depending upon the situation. Simple methods are explained which can be used the user when they cannot fill out pdf form

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