How do I Transfer Data From One Google Account to Another


Apart from a search engine, Google is also renowned due to its services. Like for Business Google Apps users, it provides special Email, Contact, Calendar, Document services for its users. However, when those Google account users like to transfer their account data to another account, they face difficulty. They have provided a service to help business Google account users to perform this operation but that too has its flaws. As the still number of user ask the query “can I transfer data from one google account to another?” So, we have come up with two solutions to help Google Apps for migration.

Top Solution Move Email From One Google Account to Another:

  1. An automated solution to migrate Google Apps
  2. Google’s Data Migration Service

Before we begin with the solution for the problem, read some related queries of Google Apps users

“Hello everybody, In my company we use Business Google Apps account for storing our data. Our company is merging without partner firm. We are looking for a method to migrate all user account from their Google Apps domain to our domain. Can anybody explain to me the method to do that? Thanks!!”

Note: Admin account credentials for both Source and Destination Google Apps accounts are required

Automated Method to Migrate from one Google Account to Another

The most simple and easiest solution for transferring a user’s account from domain to domain is by using an automated solution. It reduces the load from Admin for migrating multiple users account between separate Google Apps domains. The best tool to solve your problem is SysTools Migrator. It is one of the most renowned tools for migration purpose. It allows admin to move emails, contacts, calendars & documents of multiple users simultaneously. The free Demo version of this tool allow you to migrate complete data of 2 user accounts.

How It Works
How It Works

Features of G Suite Migrator are as follows:

  • Transfer Document, Emails etc all at once
  • Filter option to migrate data according to date
  • Multiple sources and destination formatting option
  • Incremental and Delta migration facility
  • Error Handling functionality
  • Save detailed Report of Migration

Steps to Transfer Email from One Google Account to Another

  1. Download and Install the migration tool
  2. Enter Source account credentials
  3. Enter Destination account credentials
  4. Choose the Category for migration & Apply Filter
  5. Select the source and destination user mapping option
  6. Select the user account to migrate
  7. Click on the Start button to begin migration

Manual Solution from Google for Migration

Google also provides a solution (Data Migration Service) for Google Apps Users to migrate accounts. But, it only allows to easily transfer Emails between accounts. To move contacts and calendar you need Exchange Server, which is not available to everybody. There is no direct method to migrate documents using DMS.
Below steps will guide you with the method to transfer data from one Google account to another:

  1. Login into G Suite Admin Console and Select Data Migration Service
  2. Select Emails from the migration window
  3. From Drop-down Choose G Suite
  4. Connection Protocol >> Auto-select Recommended. Enter Admin credentials in Role account and Connect.
  5. Apply filter, by selecting Start date of migration. Also, select Junk / Deleted emails.
  6. Hit on User button to select Migration Option (Multiple User)
  7. Create a CSV file which contains destination id, source id & source password without any header. Attach the File and click on Start Migrate.
  8. User can see the migration process in the window.
  9. After completion, check for the migrated data at the destination.

Disadvantages of Data Migration Service

  • No facility to move documents, calendar & contacts
  • Slow process to transfer data from one Google account to another.
  • Tricky steps for migration of accounts
  • No incremental and Delta migration facility

Final Verdict

In this blog, we have explained both the automated and the Data migration service method of Google for migration. Both the method are safe and secure to use. If you want simple and fast migration then prefer an automated solution. Although DMS is a free method, it has some limitation which needs to be considered. So to transfer data from one Google account to another account in bulk then use Migration Tool.

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