How to Convert Mozilla Thunderbird to MS Outlook?


Anybody cannot ignore that email is one of the most important parts of today’s digital time. This is the best source to transfer data one to another and plays a vital role with email clients. There are many online & desktop based email client like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Apple Mail, Eudora, Lotus Notes, etc are available in the marketplace.

Now we will discuss Thunderbird and Outlook:-

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client as well as a cross-platform application for managing email, news feeds, chat, and newsgroups. The application has been developed by Mozilla foundation on December 7, 2004. It is a popular email client which has a combination of some amazing features such as contact, calendar, task etc. which is quite a good feature for business users.

On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation and it is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite.  It can also be used to manage different types of personal data including calendar appointments and similar entries, tasks, contacts, and notes.

Why we need to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook:-

Thunderbird and Outlook both are the most famous email client application but there are certain scenarios, where the user needs to export Thunderbird data to Outlook:-

Less SecureHighly Secure
No option to connect with exchange serverProvide Exchange Server connection
Limited featureProvide Advance feature
Dose not allow schedule emailsAllow schedule emails
Support 53 languagesSupport 96 language
No support for phoneCompatible with Android and Window phones

How to Convert Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox data to MS Outlook:-

There are two techniques available to migrate Thunderbird to MS Outlook email client and we will discuss both methods one by one with the result:-

A:-Manual Process:-

1:- In this process, we need an additional email client named Eudora. Because MS Outlook allows importing Eudora mailbox in PST format.

2:-Now, First of all, go to Mozilla Thunderbird file default location and copy the mailbox data.

3:-After that go to Eudora default location and Paste Mozilla TB mailbox data and change the file extension in .mbx.

4:- Now run MS Outlook application >> Select file option>> Go to “Import and export option”>>

5:-Choose “Import Internet Mail and addresses” then hit the next button >> Select “Eudora (pro and light) 2x, 3x, 4x” and press next option >> Browse Eudora file location & choose the MBX file then hit the Next button.

6:-Select the destination, where you want to import mailbox data in PST format and click the finish option.


If you have some MB data in the TB mailbox, then this method is better for you because it is a combination of several steps. Which causes data loss, damage or inaccessible.

Straightforward method

As you can see that the manual process is very tedious & time-consuming. Also, if you have a large mailbox then there is a possibility of data loss. I read some online articles, forums, blogs then found a software SysBud Thunderbird to Outlook Converter.

This is the cheapest & accurate solution, which is based on the single wizard and is capable of migrating data from Thunderbird to Outlook immediately. It runs all Window editions and provides compatible PST file for Outlook versions.

Feature of the SysBud Thunderbird to Outlook Converter:

  • There is no file size limitation to perform the migration process.
  • The software exports the emails or messages with equivalent attachments without losing inline images, message body and formatting.
  • The demo version is also available so that you can check it first. It also allows you to change just 20 messages from each folder.
  • The utility is completely tested and secure for migration.
  • You can create single or different PST file for all mailboxes and easily import in any version of MS Outlook.
  • It allows you to load all Thunderbird mailboxes in a single click by using the Autoload button.
  • You can run this tool on any Window OS and easily perform the conversion.


With this solution, you no need to use another application or email client. This is a standalone tool capable to migrate single or multiple mailboxes from Thunderbird to Outlook with all data properties.

I hope you read all the content carefully and know about Thunderbird to Outlook migration. Both methods are good but perform in different file size.

At last

This blog is for Thunderbird users who are planning to move their data from Thunderbird to Outlook. Using the above method, you will be eligible to transfer messages or emails from TB to Outlook. If you have any query then leaves a comment.

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