How to Export Emails from Outlook 365?


As we all know that Outlook is the first choice for any professional as it is one of the best reliable tools. On which any professional can rely blind foldability. It is the widest email client used by professionals in the world. So, in this case, you are advised to export emails from Outlook 365 into your PC or hard drive. 

You might wish to export all emails from Outlook 365 to your desktop PC for various reasons. Like 

  • You are shifting from PC to Mac.
  •  To avoid losing email data, you should download emails from Outlook 365. 
  • Another reason to export emails from Office 365 is for backup purposes. Having a backup of your data gives the feeling of security and may avoid problems.
  • Your Microsoft 365 membership is ending, and you do not wish to renew it.
  • Problems caused by Internet Outages.
  • You need periodic backup frequently.
  • Want to move your account from one email account to another.

This blog post describes exporting all email addresses from outlook 365 webmail and saving an email on the desktop in different email clients. It encompasses several methods for exporting emails from Outlook 365: Storing Microsoft 365 email messages to PDF, HTML, .msg, .csv, .pst, or with technical partner Office 365 Backup Tool.

Methods to Export Emails from Outlook 365

Although there is no direct method to export emails from Outlook 365, as this method is divided into three parts, you need to execute this process in steps.

  1. Configure Office 365 within the Outlook account.
  2. After configuration, Convert the file into different file formats.
  3. Export emails from Outlook 365 with technical support.

Method 1: Configure Office 365 within the Outlook Account

As this is the first step to proceeding toward exporting emails from outlook 365. To move with part follow the steps:

  1. Launch Control Panel > Mail (Microsoft Outlook).
  2. After Clicking Mail (Microsoft Outlook), a wizard appears that asks to add an Email Account under setup email accounts and directories.
  3. Next, click on New to add an email account.
mail setup outlook
  1. Enter all the credentials, and click Next.

Alternative: Manual setting or Additional Server Type:

After following steps 1,&2, follow as instructed.

       3. Enter your email address and select IMAP/POP then Next.

       4, Following next to all the above steps, your account will take a while for verification

auto account setup

Successfully, executed all the steps. You will see a notification Window of successful configuration.  

Method 2: After Configuration, Convert the file into different file formats 

After successfully configuring Office 365 within Outlook, the next step is converting your files into different formats like PDF, PST, CSV, MSG, HTML, and various formats to export emails from outlook 365.

Convert Outlook File into PDF 

As this is one of the best methods where you can keep its backup in PDF format. To Convert Outlook File to PDF, follow the instructions.

  1. Launch Outlook
  2. SelectMessage >File 
  1. Print > Save as PDF > Print
  1. Later, save the destination and assign a file name, then Save.
  2. Check your output file, at the chosen location.  

Convert Outlook File in PST

It is one of the secure file formats because it is encrypted with a password. Its conversion can be done with these simple steps.

  1. Start  Outlook> File>Open & Export >Import/Export.
  2. Select Export to a file> Next.
  3. Choose Outlook Data File > Next.
  4. Select the account that you wish to export.
  5. Now check file(s)/folder(s) and subfolders > Next.
  6. Choose to Browse to select the destination and assign a filename > Finish. 
  7. Enter Password to protect the file from unauthorized access.
  8. Confirm that file is saved to your chosen location.

Convert Outlook File into CSV

You can also convert your outlook file in Comma-separated Values or .csv format. The best advantage to convert in this file format is that it is compact and can be processed by all existing applications. To convert Outlook files in CSV format follow as instructed.

  1. Launch Outlook> File>Open & Export >Import/Export.
  2. Choose Export to a file> Next.
  3. Select Comma-separated values > Next.
  4. Choose file(s) or folder(s) > Next.
  5. Now Browse the file to choose the destination and assign a filename > Next
  6. In the next window, map custom fields for the exported CSV files > Finish. 
  7. The export process starts, check the output file at your desired destination.

 Convert Outlook File in MSG and various formats.

By this method, you can save your file in various formats like .msg, Text Only, HTML, MHt file, etc select as per requirement. To go with this method start as followed:

  1. Start Outlook then choose an account and select a message that you wish to export.
  2. Go to the File tab > select Save As.
  3. Now choose the format in which you wish to export your Outlook file.
Choose the format
  1. Select the destination and assign a file name > Save
  2. Your Outlook File is finally converted to your selected format.

These are some manual approaches by which you can export emails from Outlook 365.

Method 3: Export emails from Outlook 365 with technical support

Above we explained the hows of exporting emails from Outlook 365 manually. But this approach does not support every time, and on the other hand, you also need to save your data. So, in this case, we advised you to take help from technical partner Sysinfo Outlook 365 Backup Tool. This tool is quite comfortable for exporting emails from Outlook 365 in different file formats and email clients like PST, CSV, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, EML, EMLX, etc. It also archive emails in Office 365 and supports Outlook versions of 2019,2016,2013, and earlier. This software is easy to use and can be run by non-technicals also. To run this software, follow the steps:

  1. Start the software and run it as an administrator.
  2. The software offers you two options Backup or Restore.
  3. Select Backup and enter the required credentials.
  4. Now choose a file and check the different Mailbox User IDs.
  5. After selecting Mailbox User ID(s), choose the Backup Option as per requirement, then Next.
  6. The software displays the mailbox items present on the selected Mailbox User Id.
  7. Check the folders you wish to save and save the file format or email client from the drop-down list.
  8. Check the inbuilt software features like Remove Duplicate Mails, Task filter, Mail Filter, etc., as per requirement.
  9. Assign a name and select a destination to your folder.
  10. Click the Convert button to start the conversion process.
  11. Finally, download your Output File.

You can operate this software by following these simple steps.

Conclude Write-up

In this blog above, we learned the procedure to export emails from outlook 365. You can continue the export process with a manual and technical approach. But manually, you may face some halts, which may disrupt the exporting process. So, we advised you to take help from a technical partner that exports not only emails from outlook 365 but also exports all of your mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks into Gmail, IMAP, etc.

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