How to Migrate Apple Mail to MS Outlook Easily?


If you work with Apple Mail for a long time and you are thinking of getting a Windows computer; Or if you need to switch due to professional reasons, you must transfer data from Apple Mail to Windows machine. Because Apple Mail is not available for Windows and hence, you cannot use it there. And since MS Outlook is the most preferred email application on Windows, it is quite possible that you end up using it. Hence, Apple Mail to Outlook migration is the need of the hour in this case.

Then there’s the fact that Apple Mail uses MBOX files for storing emails while Outlook banks upon its very own PST format. Hence, the process of converting the Apple Mail database to MS Outlook becomes confusing and complicated for most users because there is no direct way to export MBOX to PST.

In this section, we list two unique ways that you can use to switch from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook. The first method is manual, and the second method is a popular automation technique.

Migrate manually from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook

For manual migration work, some external applications are mandatory for important reasons. Since Outlook does not have any native option to import Apple Mail MBOX file, it becomes impossible to do this without any intermediate utilities.

Hence, tools like Eudora and Outlook Express are needed. The manual method is a multi-step procedure for migrating Apple Mail to Outlook, so we will do every step individually.

Step 1: Export the MBOX file from Apple Mail

Using this manual mode, you can convert your Apple Mail emails to Outlook (its different versions, such as Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2019) on the Microsoft Windows platform.

  1. Start Apple Mail.
  2. Click File> Export Mailbox.
  3. Create a new folder, name it accordingly.
  4. Select this folder and hit the Choose button.

Apple Mail will export the mailboxes in a single file with .mbox extension. Move these files to the Windows machine via any means – cloud, USB, etc. Now go through the next set of steps.

Step 2: Create an MBX file

At this point, you need to install the Windows Eudora application for the eventual Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook migration.

  1. Change the extension of .mbox files to .mbx.
    For example, Hi.mbox to Hi.mbx.
  2. Move the file (.mbx) into the Eudora directory.
    Browse one of these paths to move the files to the Eudora directory.
    • C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\
    • C:\Users\USER\Roaming\AppData\Qualcomm\Eudora\
    • C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\
  3. Open the Eudora application and double-click on the .mbx file
  4. Close the application

Step 3: Import the Mailbox into Outlook Express

  1. Start Outlook Express.
  2. Click the File menu, hit Import, and then hit Messages.
  3. Select Eudora from the list of email clients> hit Next.
  4. Browse the Hi.mbx file and select it, then hit OK.
  5. Continue hitting Next until the Finish button appears. Hit it too.

Step 4: Import the mailbox from Outlook Express in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on Windows.
  2. Click on the File menu and hit on the Open option.
  3. Select the Import and Export option.
  4. Hit the Next button after choosing Import Internet Mail and Address option.
  5. Select the Outlook Express 6.x, 5.x, 4.x or Mail list option.
  6. Check the Import-Mailbox checkbox and hit Next.

Finished! If you manually move from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook, you can use the same mailbox in MS Outlook which you were using in Apple Mail on your Mac.

Transfer from Apple Mail to Outlook – Automation Method

OK, the manual mode works. You will have good results at the need, but the disadvantage of the free method is that the entire migration process will take a lot of time to complete. And you must use additional tools – Eudora & Outlook Express. Setting up these additional email applications on Windows will dry out your time before you know it. Furthermore, you can use the manual migration method to get the emails, but it does not guarantee the integrity and hierarchy of the MBOX data.

Therefore, in order to avoid all of these situations which may result in data loss, it is recommended that a professional tool be used to carry out the migration process. This tool not only helps with data loss and file integrity, but it saves a lot of time and provides many features to improve your Apple Mail to Outlook migration experience.

SysTools MBOX Converter is a great discovery on the internet. The tool converts multiple MBOX files into Outlook PST in a matter of minutes. All of this without losing a single bit of data and email attributes. By selecting a single MBOX file or multiple options for individual migration, it effectively reduces the total time required for migration.

Multiformat converter which convert MBOX to PST, NSF, MSG, & EML

In addition, you can apply filters to mailbox folders based on importance, which helps to reduce the total amount of files to migrate. All versions of Outlook support the tool’s generated PST file. Be it Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 or any other version.


The move from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook is not easy, and for some users, it can be overly complicated. It is recommended to follow the step-by-step guide perfectly to avoid undefined losses during manual migration. Alternatively, you can try the SysTools MBOX Converter which is also downloadable as a free version for trial purposes.

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