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“I had stored my important collage notes in USB drive. I gave my USB drive to my friend, when he returned me, there was no data. I don’t know where my all important data gone. I want to know how can I recover deleted files from a flash drive. Please help me suggest me solution as soon as possible.”

In today’s IT world USB drives playing an important role to store small as well as a large amount of data. There are multiple external storage devices available in the market online. USB is one of the preferred storage devices which comes with various beneficial features like it is small in size, easy to carry outside, it stores huge amount of data, etc. But in USB stored items always prone to data loss. now we will know what causes of data loss from a USB drive.

What Causes of Items deleted From USB Drive

There are several reasons items deleted from USB drive that are mentioned below. Know these reasons.

  • Another software deleted the file.
  • Accidentally or intentionally deleted items from the USB drive.
  • Unplugged USB drives during the transfer procedure.
  • File corruption due to virus attacks.
  • Fragmented partition structure on the USB flash drive.

Meanwhile deleted files can not recover in the recycle bin. Your files permanently deleted from a USB drive. To get rid of this issue please follow the below-mentioned guidance

How To Restore Deleted Items From USB Drive By Using Professional Software

In order to recover deleted items from the USB drive without any data loss or file size issues, SysTools USB Recovery Software is the best solution to retrieve deleted items from the USB stick. This application helps users to recover permanently deleted items from USB drive, Pen drive, and SD card, etc. By performing a few simple steps without disturbing items integrity. It supports to recover all types of data such as pictures, audio’s, videos, multimedia, documents, etc.. This tool supports to recover data from all brands of USB drive like Toshiba, Sony, Sandisk, Samsung, LG, HP, etc.

By using this software you can restore deleted GPT partition from USB flash drive. It has the capability to recover lost data from dynamic disk. It provides an option to access and display an attached external storage device. Users can install and run this tool easily at any version of Windows. The most important features of this application two modes of data recovery Scan and Formatted Scan. When data is deleted and corrupted then users can choose the scan option. When data is formatted then choose formatted scan.

Step by Step Solution How to Retrieve Deleted Items from USB Stick

This tool is very easy to use and gives 100% accurate outcomes in just a few moments. Follow these steps to recover deleted items from the USB drive.

  • Download and install SysTools USB Recovery Software on any version of Windows
  • The application includes a Refresh preview option, which enables you to display a newly connected USB Drive/ USB drive without closing the Software.
  • Now the Tool will give you two options to scan your drive i.e. Scan and Formatted Scan.
  • After that, the application will list all restored folders into the left panel of application. The tool will highlight the permanently deleted data by red color. So, it becomes quite easy to identify the permanently deleted items.
  • Here you have two options to save the restored items i.e. Either Save Selected Data or Complete Restored items.

Key Features of USB Data Recovery Software to Restore Deleted Items From USB

Here are the best features of the software to recover deleted file from the USB stick that mentioned below:

  • Restore items from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted USB Drive
  • It supports to recover all file formats like doc, pdf, ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx etc.
  • Recover data from pen drive, USB drive, SD card and Memory card, etc.
  • Software highlighted permanently deleted data by the red color that is very convenient for users to recover permanently deleted data from the USB drive
  • It has a simple user interface
  • The software provides an advanced search option to find specific data from the USB drive


As we all know that recover deleted items from the USB drive is difficult maybe some of the data misplaced anywhere. Therefore, here we discussed the professional solution to retrieve deleted items from the USB stick. This software provides a free demo version. In the demo version, users can preview their data. This is the best method to retrieve permanently deleted items from the USB drive without any hassle.

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