Quick Solutions to Resolve Zoho Mail Not Sending or Receiving Email


Zoho, a CRM that raised along enough that stands to provide full satisfaction to its users offering them full support to create and build their business. Zoho provides a webmail service that is used by its users for replying to their customer queries and sharing other data. Sometimes, this mail service goes down and trouble its users. Moreover, the issue with Zoho Mail not sending and receiving emails is a common problem seen throughout Zoho forums.

Thus, in this article we will be sharing some simple techniques and methods that you can perform by yourself to resolve the issues within Zoho email not sending and being sent are not received at the other end.

In the coming section, we will be defining some situations that might be similar to yours. If so take down the procedure and perform as like to get your issue resolved.

Expert Advice: For a safe section to have you Zoho email data, it is suggested to save a copy of Zoho emails to the local hard drive. You can try SysTools Zoho Backup Tool to download Zoho data in various file formats. It is better to have some important data within so that at a disaster, we are not ended up with zero data.

How to Resolve Issues Regarding Zoho Mail Not Sending or Receiving

The main issues seen with Zoho email not sending are that the server being lagged or any cluster being backlogged due to any internal issue or server bandwidth issue. You will define many similar situations where you will find such an occasion and we will tell you what to do.

Situation 1: Zoho Mail not Receiving Some Emails

I am not getting any emails sent to me from other accounts. My Domain is “Trippleing.co”. I have no problem in sending any of my emails to other email clients. I use my Zoho account from Outlook. This issue started in the last two days. Can you please tell what to do?

Method to Solve:

In this, you can try to check the MX records of your Zoho account from the DNS manager. Check if all the records are pointing to Zoho, if not delete the existing records and add a new MX record. You can set the MX record as shown below

  • mx.zoho.com
  • mx2.zoho.com and soon…

Please Note: The DNS manager will take some time, say up to 4 hours to get the changes into effect. Afterward, try sending a test mail to your Zoho account. It will be received.

Situation 2: Zoho Mail Not Sending Emails

I am not able to send any emails from my Zoho Mail to Gmail. I have tried a lot. All the emails are shown sent from my end and moved to the Sent folder but are not received at the receiver end. When tried with another email client, the mail transfer was successful. What is the issue within my account? Please tell me what should I do to make it correct.

In this situation, there is nothing that you can do at your end. It is the issue at the server end. Basically this situation occurs when a cluster at the server end gets backlogged and the emails within the queue get delayed to transfer to the receiver end. In such cases, the emails are shown sent from the sender end with a successful sent pop-up message. But the emails are not received at the other end.

Method to Solve:

One option available is to alert the Zoho server support team about the issue. They will look into it and provide you a sustainable solution. But it is not sure that this situation will not occur in the future-coming.

The time taken in this process will be equivalent to the time required to remove the backlogged emails queue from the cluster.

Situation 3: Zoho Mail not Sending or Receiving Email

I have a domain “Chiraot.jemag.com.uk”. I am having trouble sending emails from my Zoho Mail. It’s showing an error message “553 Relaying disallowed”. All the time I try sending an email, it will stop with this message popped up. What wrong in my account settings? Not only this, I am having no email received to my Zoho account. The customer contacts and say they have mailed me the details of the respective product with issue occurred. But I see no email in my Inbox. What is the issue with my account? Please tell me how to resolve it?

Method to Solve:

For such cases, you need to check for which server you have configured your account. With this account most probably you will have configured to US server. Follow the process and see if the details are matching

  1. Open DNS Control Panel and move to Email Settings
  2. Check all MX records. The records must be updated in mx.zoho.com, mx2.zoho.com, soon…
  3. Update all the MX records and close the window.

It will take some time to append the changes of MX record to take effect. This will make the emails received to your Zoho account.

For Zoho mail not sending emails, you need to alert the Zoho support about the issue. They clear the cluster backlogs queue and then you will be able to send emails to Gmail and other email clients.

Please note: In this case, usually Zoho to Zoho mail migration is not affected and you can easily send emails between two Zoho accounts.

Situation 4: Unable to Send Emails from Zoho Due to IO Operation

When I am trying to send an email from my account, I am having a message showing “Problem sending email due to IO operation”. What should I do to resolve this?

Method to Resolve:

This message is seen in cases when the internal system of Zoho is having any error. There is no error at our end. It has to be resolved from the Zoho server. As the issue is resolved you emails will start being sent to the receiver. The best help that you can perform to yourself is to Inform the issue to the Zoho mail support team.

Wrapping It All Together!!

In this article, we have summoned some usually occurred issues with Zoho Mail. We have provided the methods to resolve respective issues related to Zoho Mail not sending or receiving emails. You can view and compare your issue with this and get a remedy for your problem. Perform the task and you can start the emailing without troubling yourself anymore.

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