Top iPad Development Companies You Must Know Of


Are you planning to launch an iOS app but you are not sure which company would be your best? No worries! The solution is here.

Settling for the right app development company is overwhelming just like it’s overwhelming for one to choose from Spectrum bundles. The availability of so many options is to blame.

Since app development is an expensive affair, and eventually, it’s the matter of engaging customers, converting them, and driving sales, you have to be sure before investing money. To save you time, here are some well researched and ranked iPad app development companies:

1: Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a company known for its intelligent software and mobile solutions. It was started in 2007. They specialize in full-service custom software and mobile app development firm. This company is considered to be the best spot to start developing mobile apps. They are known as the top player in the industry.

The company has offices in Silicon Valley, NY, London, Oslo, and Minsk. Clients hire Intellectsoft because of its unwavering honesty and integrity. Its staff has a track record of designing enterprise solutions and giving them a unique perspective on complicated mobile app requirements.

Their valued clients include Hoosbaa, Universal Picture, Audi, Harley Davidson, and some others.

2: Fueled

With its amazing capabilities and world-class developers, Fueled launched in 2008 is now positioned top among other participants in the app development business. Its team specializes in a data-driven approach for application development and analytics-driven decision-making.

Fueled’s primary strength involves designing and building mobile apps that are listed in app stores. They are aware of the demands of businesses and they take pride in providing the best solutions to assist them to grow.

Their key clients include Barneys, QuizUp, Crunchbase, and Verizon.

3: WillowTree

WillowTree assists the world’s most renowned firms in launching apps that make a difference. The company came into being in 2007 as a mobile app and web development studio, and they have evolved to cover every stage of the product life cycle.

This agency creates digital products that address business needs, differentiate the company in the market, and enhance the user experience. Their teams offer full-stack development, strategy, design, and digital marketing services, accessibility, and security services. Their core services include iOS app development as well.

Willow’s top clients include Dairy Queen, American electric power, PepsiCo, HBO, J&Js. and more.

4: Chop Dawg

Founded in 2009, Chop Dawg has played its role in launching 350+ apps for new entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits, and growing companies around the world. They market themselves as your think partner, not a typical app development agency. This company basically guides you towards picking the right game plan for your app and ensures its long-term success.

They follow a pay-as-go model and keep everything transparent. Their team strongly believes in holding weekly and bi-weekly meetings to keep the client in the loop of the app development program. That’s not all, they also offer a 30-day bug warranty and a 30-day maintenance period. They are truly in it for your success!

Chop Dawg’s key clients include Rhodes 101, Hilton, Light Bulb Finder, Waypoint, Find a Gig, and more.


It’s an Indian-based company with more than 36 clients across the world. They are very proactive in communication and they are considered pros in software development. Insurance, education, healthcare, eCommerce, security are some of the industries they specialize in.

Their top clients include Generali, Checkin, CaptialOne, Festi, and some more.

Decision Time

To help you narrow down your options and choose an iPad app development company that actually does the job right, consider tips:

Check Their Experience

Of course, if they are not experienced in IOS development, you can’t really work with them. Hence, checking their experience is mandatory.

The company must have at least a few years of expertise in developing apps for the iOS platform. Check out their portfolio to see what kind of iOS apps they’ve developed previously. You can also Google those apps or download them (if they are free) to check the quality of their work.

Technical Know-How

Every company has its specialty. Make sure the company’s developers are well-versed in the latest iOS tools like Xcode, Cocoa Framework, Objective C, or Swift. If you can have a chat with the developer, it’s a great opportunity to test their knowledge. They must also have a significant domain experience in creating iOS apps for businesses in a variety of industries using the most up-to-date iOS approaches.

Confidentiality Agreement

The company must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement for your project. If they hesitate, look for another company that does.

Cost and Turnaround Time

Last but not least, the company should fall within your budget and they should be able to complete the project within the time frame specified by you. It’s recommended to keep a cushion just in case the project delivery is delayed because of an unforeseen situation.

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