The Top 7 Tennis Players one Should Know About


In the last few years, many different sports have gained a lot of popularity throughout the world. Tennis is among them. Tennis is mainly a racket sport game that can be played against a single opponent individually or between two teams, each having two players.

Why is Tennis popular throughout the world?

At the present time, Tennis is counted as one of the most famous sports in the world. There are many reasons which had made it famous across the globe. One of the biggest reasons for them is that men and women can enjoy fair, equal parity in this sport, unlike other sport. There are many reasons because of which Tennis had got a lot of popularity.

How can one become a pro tennis players?

Nowadays, there are many tennis players who wanted to become pro in this game but cannot do so. The reason is that they are not doing much hard work and are also not giving much effort. For becoming a great tennis player like Roger Federer, one needs to practice and also need to find out the mistakes they make while playing games. Also, one needs to follow some tips and tricks to become a top tennis player in the world.

Top 7 Tennis Player of the World

  1. Roger Federer is considered the top tennis player throughout the world. Roger was born on 8th August 1981 in Switzerland and started to gain fans across the globe by 1998. Roger had 103 career titles and also has 20 Grand slam singles titles, which is an excellent achievement for any tennis player. Roger deserves to be at the top of this list without any concern.
  2. Rafael Nadal-In the present time, Rafael Nadal is considered one of the best tennis players throughout the world. Rafael was born on 3rd June 1986 in Spain. Rafael was supposed to be a pro in the year 2001. At the present time, Rafael has career prize money of near about 121,044 734 dollars and also has 86 career titles and 20 Grand slam singles tiers, which is a very impressive achievement.
  3. Novak Djokovic-At present, Novak Djokovic is considered to be the best tennis player in the world. Novak was born on 22nd May in the year 1987, in Serbia. Novak was considered to be a pro in 2003. Novak has a 143, 159,599 dollar career prize amount, which is very high. Novak also has 81 career titles and even 17 grand titles, which are very hard for any tennis player to achieve at present.
  4. Rod Laver– Rod Laver is considered to be one of the biggest legends in the history of Tennis. Rod was born on 8th August 1938 in Australia. Rod turned to be pro in front of the world in the year 1962, and Rod retired by 1979. Rod had a total career prize amount t of 1,565,413 dollars and also has 200 career titles. Rod had also won 11 Grand Slam Singles Titles and 9 Pro Slam Singles titles. Rod was also inducted into Fame’s tennis hall in the year 1981, which is an honourable moment for any tennis player.
  5. Pete Sampras– Pete Sampras is considered to be one of the top tennis players throughout the world. Pete Sampras fans were across the globe. Pete was born on 12th August 1971 in Maryland. Pete turned to be pro in the year 1988 and had retired by 2002. Pete had a career prize amount of a total of 43, 280,489 dollars, which is a fair amount. Pete also has 64 career titles and 14 Grand Slam singles titles. Pete was also inducted in the tennis Hall of Fame in the year 2007. This thing allows Pete to make a place in this list.
  6. Bjorn Borg– Bjorn Born is considered to be one of the great tennis players of all time. Bjorn Borg was born on 6th June 1956 in Sweden. Bjorn was supposed to be a pro in the year 1973, and Bjorn retired from Tennis by the year 1883. Bjorn had many achievements, such as 101 Career titles and also 11 Grand Slam titles. Bjorn was also inducted into the tennis hall of Fame.
  7. Ivan Lendl– Ivan Lendl was born on 7th March 1960. Ivan was recognized or considered as one of the top tennis players. Ivan Lendl has 144 career tillers and 8 Grand slam titles, which is an outstanding achievement by any tennis player. Ivan retired in 1994 and was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame by 2001.

In the last few years, Tennis has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world. This game has many great players like Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg, and many more that had their own fan base and also has many outstanding achievements.