5 Things to Consider When Setting Up an Office


Did you know that more natural light in your office can boost productivity?

How your office looks is incredibly important, both for boosting staff morale and showing your company off to clients. But the more important the task, the harder it usually is!

Setting up an office isn’t easy and there are a lot of important decisions you’ll have to make. But, with a little help and some useful advice, you can get it just right.

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1. Focus on the Lighting

Getting the lighting just right is essential for an office, whether you’re working from home or in a communal space. If you can, try to opt for natural light over artificial to boost your productivity and cut down on energy costs. In darker areas, make sure you have enough lighting to keep your space well lit and opt for energy-saving batteries for an eco-friendly boost.

2. The Right Equipment

Make sure you have space for all of your office essentials! If you’re creating an office at home, a laptop is usually better than a desktop computer as it’s much more compact and you can move around with it. Invest in good chairs with back support and desk organizers to keep spaces clean and tidy.

3. The Little Touches

Creating an office isn’t just about being practical; it’s about creating a welcoming space that you want to work in. Add items that are based on comforts, such as chair cushions, table lamps, and soy wax candles for a happier workspace. Art is also a great addition to brighten up an office and bring some character to your workspace.

4. Give Yourself Some Space

Whether you’re setting up a home office or creating a large office for your staff, make sure you leave enough space to move around. You should be able to keep your work-related documents near your desk and have enough space to move with ease. In a large office, it should be easy for staff to walk past each other and there should be easy access to the toilet for everyone.

5. Remove Distractions When Setting up an Office

Distractions in the workplace are never a good idea! Whilst some art on the wall is great, avoid anything that’s too distracting and definitely don’t install a TV anywhere near where people are working. It can be nice to have separate areas away from the workspace where people can relax, but try and keep the work area focused on work.

Start Creating Your Workspace

Setting up an office is tricky, especially if it’s for more than one person! But, if you focus on creating a space that people will want to work in and keep these tips in mind, you should be able to get it right without too much trouble.

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