4 Ways Technology Is Remodeling Different Types of Industry


Without a doubt, technology is the key factor in the level of advancement we have reached as species. It has transformed the way we communicate, travel, and even eat. To exhibit just how strong its influence is, here is an overview of four different industries and the ways in which they were remodeled by technology. 

The entertainment industry in the spotlight

While the changes in other industries from this list are familiar mostly to those who are involved with them, the transformations the entertainment industry goes through are almost always in the spotlight. The switch from cassettes to CDs was astonishing to many, but then the MP3 format came and changed our lives. The music slowly migrated online, making touring, music videos, and artist-related merchandise sales more lucrative than launching albums.

As for the movies, aerial shots for specific scenes are no longer filmed with aircraft-mounted cameras but with drones and let us not forget that animation used to be drawn by hand. A lot of books never get printed on paper but instead go straight to our Kindle devices in a digital form. We can also note that the number of printed newspapers has severely dwindled since we get informed online. Some changes are here to stay, others will be further transformed so what remains is to lay back and marvel at the power of technological advancement.

Sophisticated equipment of the oil industry

Working in oilfields used to be an extremely dangerous and arduous job and although is it still not a walk in the park, it has become much safer for the workers. Drones have become the remote eyes that help out with strategic planning which allows more precision in terms of necessary equipment, potential hazards, setting deadlines, etc.

Besides being safer, the work has also become more efficient because technology aided the manufacture of exquisitely precise equipment while e-commerce made it easier to obtain. Nowadays, you can order state-of-the-art equipment and parts, such as spiral drill collar, with a simple click of a button and have it delivered to the oilfield or your company’s headquarters. This means that you have a larger selection of equipment of supreme quality and the most prominent benefit is that you don’t have to travel any distances or wait for months to acquire it.

Real estate industry and AR apps

The real estate industry didn’t use to provide that much choice to the average person: you would see an ad in the newspapers, phone the owner or the real estate agency to set up a meeting and then you would come to check out the property you wish to rent or purchase. Nowadays, the internet allows you to choose among many properties together with detailed descriptions and plenty of images and videos of the places in question.

This means that someone who is just moving into town can take care of the accommodation even before arriving. One of the newest elements to the real estate game is the augmented reality (AR) app that allow buyers to imagine a lovely family home within the currently barren walls of the house. All in all, it remains to be seen what other wonders technology has in store for us in the real estate world.

Real estate industry

Online shopping is the retail industry’s cornerstone 

Brick-and-mortar shops are far from dead but the internet provided us with previously unfathomable possibilities in the area of retail. Nowadays, you can purchase a Christmas present for your significant other from a manufacturer in China and have it delivered to your apartment in Germany. From the entrepreneurs’ point of view, order processing and management have been immensely facilitated with different software automation solutions.

We have predictive analysis helping business owners analyze consumer behavior and trends for the purpose of cutting costs, setting more precise targets, and increasing profit. Different virtual and augmented reality apps are there to give users an opportunity to see what it would be like to, for instance, wear a particular jacket or earrings. It is clear that technology has penetrated and remodeled many areas of retail, including customer service in the form of chatbots. 

Final thoughts

As technological advancement continues its pace, we cannot help but look at the past and admire all that we have accomplished owing to it. Without technology and science, we wouldn’t be the people we are today and we would still gape at the night sky and think of every meteor as a falling star that foretells our future. They are also the reason why not every childbirth is a high-risk one and for the fact that there are so many of us.

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