7 Cool Gadgets to Gift Your Tech-Obsessed Friend


Technology presents us with an inventive and innovative solution for all our guilty pleasures and hobbies. Music lovers can invest in noise-reducing headphones, while insomniacs can buy devices that gently croon them to sleep. You no longer have to monitor and count your calories, especially with a smartphone-powered app with advanced appliances that do the job.

Do you have a pal who’s obsessed with tech innovations and always gearing up for the next big release? We all have a tech geek in our midst, and shopping for these friends isn’t easy. They hardly voice their approval for non-tech gifts, and you want to give them something they can enjoy using.

The struggle is indeed real, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve created a fun round-up of incredibly cool gadgets to win over your favorite tech geek.

Here, take a look:

1. Smart Air Fryer

Is your tech-obsessed friend an absolute stranger to culinary rituals and often struggles with meal preparations? More importantly, does your friend have an undying love for French fries and fried chicken? We’ve found the perfect gift for tech geniuses who’re clueless in the kitchen: a smart, WIFI-enabled air fryer.

Air fryers make cooking effortless. They reduce the cooking time and issue alerts when the food is ready. You can prepare indulgent and fried meals with a healthy twist to escape the hazards of deep-frying. What’s more, many air fryers come with preset programs to automate cooking with tried-and-tested recipes.

2. Paranormal Kits

Many paranormal enthusiasts are obsessed with high-tech gear and cameras to capture ghosts and hunt down spirits. Here’s the perfect gift for people obsessed with curse spells: witchcraft, black magic curses and hexes so they can summon the spirits. Can you imagine their joy and excitement on an opportunity to learn witchcraft secrets and unravel black magic curses?

You can get them these ghost-hunting kits and equipment. Paranormal gear is quite expensive, and your ghost-hunter friend would love an upgrade on their equipment. You can invest in paranormal cameras, temperature-reading devices, digital recorders, and much more.

3. Portable Projector

A portable projector is a perfect gift for a tech geek who adores cinematic experiences and movie nights. Or perhaps, your friend is a frequent business traveler who has to present ideas to large audiences. Business travelers and corporate leaders have much to rejoice in with a portable projector.

Whether one wants to give an impressive presentation or host a movie night under the stars, it serves as an excellent product. Portable projectors are easy to transport and set up, eliminating the hassle of fumbling with wires and carrying bulky equipment. The portability is a remarkable feature, making them much more usable and versatile.

4. Digital Coffee Warmer

Do you seek a gift that combines your friend’s love for coffee and their enthusiasm for inventive gadgets? We have a perfect idea: a digital coffee warmer.

Only a hardcore java lover can understand the agony of chugging down a cold cuppa joe. Nothing is more saddening than letting your coffee become stale while you attend to early morning e-mails and calls. It happens to everyone. You’re trying to soothe down a disgruntled client while anxiously eyeing your cappuccino growing cold and lonely in that cup.

Now, one can hardly gulp down the coffee while talking to an important client or an executive from the C-suite. The struggle is genuine, and we urge you to help your friend overcome this agony. Present them with a digital coffee warmer, typically available with a cup and a mug warming tray.

The tray comes with a digital heating system and a power cord to keep the beverage warm and toasty. Besides, these coffee warmers are available in a variety of aesthetically charming and classy designs. They are a fabulous addition to a coffee lover’s desk.

5. Digital Photo Printer

Friends who harbor a love for traditional knick-knacks and trendy gadgets are always the hardest to shop for gifts. We advise you to combine their preferences to find a present that aligns with their tastes. For instance, someone who loves technology and polaroid would adore a digital photo printer.

It’s the ultimate gift for people who enjoy scrapbooking, creating photo walls and printing their photos. The emphasis on digital media and posting pictures online has made us forget the joy of flipping through photo albums. Well, a digital photo printer combines the best of both worlds.

You can connect it with any other digital device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. It also prints out high-quality images in a matter of seconds.

6. Drawing Tablets

Is your friend a budding artist, an architect, an illustrator, or a fashion designer, perhaps? Drawing tablets are a fabulous gift idea for friends who’re always looking for surfaces and tools to draw and sketch. Gift them an advanced, WIFI-enabled drawing tablet to boost their confidence and empower them with digital literacy.

The market for drawing tablets is brimming with variety and features, depending on how much you would like to spend. You can buy a tablet only for drawing or give them a versatile device that supports e-readers and Netflix. The iPad Pro is undoubtedly the best device in the market for illustration and wide-ranging entertainment.

7. Smart Gardening Tools

Gardening circuits are abuzz with innovations like self-watering indoor plants, nutrient-reading devices, and digitalized tools. Come to think about it, these are the ideal gift for tech-savvy friends who struggle to grow healthy plants.

Is your friend struggling to grow a herb garden despite their ardent desire to nurture plants? Or perhaps, your friend keeps forgetting to water their plants. Gardening demands a lot of effort and attention, as plants are living beings that need care. Digitized gardening tools make the process effortless by equipping novices with a range of features.

For instance, an innovative garden packs up various features to regulate light, temperature, nutrition, and water intake. It makes it convenient to grow indoor plants and vegetables without much hassle.


Choosing a gift from a variety of devices, tools, and gadgets can prove overwhelming. We advise you to work with your budget and find a present that taps into your friend’s preferences. You can also use this opportunity to eliminate an everyday struggle. For instance, a coffee warmer would help warm up their java, while an air fryer would help with meal preparation.

The best gifts are always those that offer undeniable utility. You want to give your friend something they can genuinely use and benefit from in their daily life. 

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