7 Tips to Keep a Sluggish Internet Connection Away


Nothing is more annoying than a slow Internet connection. Your life seems to come to a halt if you have a sluggish connection. However, there are ways by which you can speed up your Internet connection. You should keep checking your Internet speed to see if you are getting the speed promised in your package. I always carry out my company never disappoints.

Follow these tips to keep a sluggish Internet connection away.

Turn Off the Devices Not in Use

You may be experiencing a slow-speed Internet because of too many devices using the same connection. You should disconnect the devices connected to the Internet that are not using it. This will help you speed up your connection. After disconnecting the unnecessary devices, you will notice that the streaming speed on your device will increase.

Because the unnecessary tabs, mobile phones and laptops connected reduce the already available bandwidth. You may think that your devices are sitting there idle. But the idle devices connected to the Internet also affect the bandwidth available to you.

Network Range

The placement of the Wi-Fi router is another deciding factor when it comes to Internet speed.  Wi-Fi routers are capable of transmitting two types of signals- 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. The latter is faster than the former. You cannot do without any one of these signals. Because a house is made up of concrete walls and structures, 2.4 GHz signals can easily pass through the concrete structures. Whereas, the 5.0 GHz signals can’t.

So, the more the things acting as barriers between the device in use and the router, the worse your router’s performance. However, there is a solution to this problem. Try moving the router to a place where there are fewer obstacles.

Too Many Users

You should keep a check on the number of people who are actively using the Internet. The more the users, the more the devices are connected. That means less speed available to you. Not only are tablets, laptops, and smartphones connected to the Internet these days, but also smart TVs and gaming consoles. Apart from that, streaming sticks are also on the list.

All these simultaneous connections have a share in the available bandwidth. You do not have to be using them for them to be snatching the bandwidth available to you. Updates could be silently be doing the job.

Old Network Cables

If you have the privilege of having Ethernet cabling in your house, it will save you a great deal of hassle if you keep checking its cabling. Certain crucial upgrades in network cabling ask for it to be checked every now and then. The best way through which you can check your cable is to have a look at it and see the Cat number specification on it. Cat-5 is the slowest cable network. While Cat-6/6a is the fastest network cable. If you want to get Laptop batters in bulk you can check Laptop Batteries Wholesale platform for better results

Use of Wi-Fi Extenders

Many people believe that they can get rid of their Wi-Fi-related issues by purchasing a Wi-Fi extender. For those of you who do not know, a Wi-Fi extender is a tiny box that you plug into the power socket. The box then repeats the received Wi-Fi signals into other parts of your house. However, experienced people think that these extenders do not get to the root cause in the first place. They make the matter worse by adding more interruptions.

Problematic Devices

You having problematic devices in your house can come to your knowledge if the following message appears on your router: There may be devices in your wired network which might limit your in-home connectivity. If you see such a message it means that you have a device in your house that is broadcasting too many times. Or causing some kind of race condition in the router. Such devices are capable of bringing the whole network down. But to you, it will appear like another case of an Internet outage.

ISP May be Throttling You

Although it is unlikely to happen in case you are not a very heavy user, some ISPs slow down your network on purpose. The only solution to this is to have a regular check on your Internet speed and keep a record of what it usually is. And the most important thing is to pay your bill. I once called my Internet service to complain about the Internet not working. And they told me to AU Battery before they would restore my connection. That was kind of embarrassing because I was being quite impatient with them for poor service.

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