7 Useful Macbook Pro Trackpad Gestures to Save Time


When it comes to the Windows vs Mac argument, there isn’t much of a question as to who the winner is. Although PCs come with some great tools, they lack the features that make the lives of Mac users so easy.

If you have a Mac, you should know about some of the different MacBook gestures that you can use. But do you know the extent of how many there are?

Keep reading to learn about seven MacBook Pro trackpad gestures that’ll save you time and create a more enjoyable user experience.

1. Open Your Launchpad

One of the great things about Macs is that you have a number of different ways to open your apps. You can use Spotlight by pressing Command + Space, or you can open Launchpad. A trackpad gesture lets you do this in seconds.

To open Launchpad and see all of your different apps, pinch your thumb and three fingers together on the center of your trackpad. You’ll then have an easy way to access all of the different programs you have installed on your computer.

To exit out of Launchpad, you can expand your thumb and three fingers away from the center of the trackpad.

2. Show Mission Control

If you’re someone who uses multiple apps at the same time, you might find it hard to move between them. By using mission control, you’ll have an easy way to hop around from one to the other.

To open mission control by using a Mac trackpad gesture, put three fingers on the center of the trackpad, then move them up. You’ll then be able to see all of the different apps and windows you have open. You can also see your other desktops, which is one way to switch between them.

3. Switch Between Desktops

Speaking of multiple desktops, did you know that you can add extra Desktops onto your Mac? This can be a great way to have each one serve a different purpose. For example, one can relate to your professional life, while the other can center around your family life.

To switch from one Desktop to another, move three fingers horizontally from one side of the trackpad to the other. This will move you to the next Desktop in the queue. To move back to the original one, you can move your fingers in the opposite direction.

4. Move Backwards and Forward in Different Apps

On many different types of apps, you want an easy way to move back and forward. The most common time you do this is on Safari when you go back and forward on different pages. With a trackpad gesture, you won’t have to worry about moving the mouse and clicking again.

Using two fingers, slide them horizontally from one side of the trackpad to the other. If you’re using an internet browser, this will take you to the last page you visited. To return to the page you were on, you can move your fingers in the opposite direction.

5. Zoom in and Out

If you have a smartphone, then you should be familiar with the gesture that zooms you in and out. On your Mac, it’s the same, giving you an easy way to read small text, make photos bigger, or focus on a specific part of the screen.

If you’re unfamiliar with the gesture, put two fingers together on the trackpad. To zoom in, move your fingers apart from one another. To zoom out, pinch your two fingers together.

You can control the speed of how fast this action occurs. Moving slowly will give you a controlled zoom.

6. Rotate Images

If you’re someone who works with photos on apps such as Preview or Photoshop, you’ll want an easy way to rotate your pictures. Instead of spending time searching for the rotation function in an app, you can use one of the trackpad gestures.

To do this gesture, you can either use two or three fingers. Put them on the trackpad, then twist your fingers so that one or two of them are above the remaining one. This will rotate your picture 90 degrees.

Aside from using this gesture with photos in different apps, you should also be able to take advantage of it while playing different video games, or when working with objects in 3D.

7. Right-Click With Your Trackpad

One of the major pitfalls of laptops is that most of them don’t offer an easy option to right-click. This means that you have to press ctrl + click or do some other awkward gesture to see the options that pop up when you right-click. However, it’s easy to right click on Mac.

To do so, position two of your fingers next to each other. In most cases, it’s easiest to use your pointer and middle fingers. Then, click or tap the trackpad. This will then present you with all of the normal options you see when you right-click.

For example, on Safari you’ll be able to cut, copy, paste, or look something up. Clicking on an app icon will let you quit it, hide it, or show all windows.

Try These MacBook Pro Trackpad Gestures to Make Your Life Easier

If you have a MacBook, then you should be familiar with all of the intuitive features it has to offer. But by taking advantage of these seven MacBook Pro trackpad gestures, you’ll be able to enjoy an even more intuitive and streamlined experience.

Are you ready to try out some of these Mac trackpad gestures? Before you go and give them a try, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more guides and tips.

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