AI: When exactly can we achieve it (finally)?


Some people believe that AI is the catapult of the present century while others are still a skeptic of the hype around artificial intelligence. In fact, the internet is filled with information about AI and it becomes really difficult to tell hype from reality. However, one thing is for sure- with the time the things are getting better and this innovative technology is fast pacing ahead. But the key question is when we can really achieve the AI dream. In other words how long we should wait before realizing the full potential of AI technology. This is a tricky question. However, we will try to answer this question based on the real-life examples and incidences in order to ensure that our statements rest on the solid logical ground:

Independent Recommendations

Another major quality of a human being is to offer the best recommendation to their friends or families. Depending upon your own experience or perspective you can offer the helpful recommendations to other people too. However, the sites like Netflix are successfully employing AI to offer the best recommendations to the users based on the user behavior and other parameters. The recommendations are not only based on the previous data but it can also be changed depending as the AI can learn new things and evolve over a period of time.

It is the perfect adaptation of human capabilities. Just like the real human beings whose recommendation might change over a period of time as they continue enriching their experience and knowledge via regular practice, the AI can also learn from the user behavior and start offering better recommendations that align with the specific changing objectives of the user and its past responses. The best thing is that as your own tastes change over a period of time the AI can also adapt accordingly in order to offer you the right recommendation that perfectly aligns with your present inclination.

Self Driving Capabilities

Another major quality of human beings is to maintain a perfect balance between physical movements, logical decisions and using the judgment power before making the best move. On this front too the AI is proving to be a bellwether of positive change. Even the people who aren’t really a staunch fan of cars and automobiles are acquainted with Tesla car. This new age car utilizes and machine learning in order to drive independently. Using various functionalities of AI the car can not only observe the varying traffic situations but can also learn from the continuous practice in a different ambiance. It has a very good judgment capability and is able to make the smart move to ensure the maximum safety of the drivers, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

Moreover, the car can also predict the immediate movements of the people and vehicles on the road. While there have been many instances in the digital fields where the better innovations almost forced the manpower to learn new technology if they want to keep their jobs. However. The AI enabled vehicles like Tesla not only offers an innovative technology but is also capable of using the same without depending upon any frequent human intervention. Maintaining the right speed and driving through the right lane while using the logical and learning capabilities to improve its performance is something that perfectly  proves that AI is already happening.

An Intelligent Personal Assistant

The popularity of Siri is no longer limited to the Apple’s fans only. Today, the Siri has acquired a distinct position in the tech arena as one of the most successful present-day examples of AI. This “personal assistant” with a beautiful female voice can efficiently interact with the audience and offers the best support in various day to day activities, right from navigating the unknown territories till accessing specific applications and adding particular events to the calendar. The users can easily communicate with Siri in their natural voice using human language.

Siri offers real-time precise answers to their questions and follows their instructions. The best thing is that Siri learns through data and information gathered during such conversations. It helps Siri to improve itself over a period of time. This independent acquisition of information and knowledge in a real-world interaction with human beings clearly suggests that the AI is able to asses a given situation and grasp the specific lessons to become smarter. It is a quality that was earlier limited to the sentient, living beings like human beings. Using such information it can also be possible for AI to enrich their personality.

AI Can Even Deceive Human Beings

There are many instances where AI has proved it to be as efficient as a real human being and in some instances, it can even surpass the former when we assess its smartness and wits. In a particular case, the user of a specific social media platform was befriended by an AI chatbot who used to communicate so cleverly with them that the users mistook it for the real human being with a specific personality, likes and dislikes.

Other similar experiments have also been conducted where the AI played with the human players while successfully pretending it as a real-life opponent with excellent gaming capabilities. Based on such incidents many people believe that the AI can easily fool a human being using their “acquired knowledge and wits”. While the computer intelligence can perform a massive number of calculations at super speed, it cannot use its wits or smartness to pretend as a real human being. Such instances prove that we have already started witnessing the age of AI!


AI or artificial intelligence is the revolutionary stage of technology that promises to deliver the performance and logical capabilities that were once limited the only to the human beings. However, many people believe that it would be too early to be overconfident about AI’s capabilities. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the major real-life incidences and examples proving that the AI has finally arrived and started changing different fields (albeit on a limited scale) due to its human-like capabilities.  So, it is only a matter of time when the AI’s full potential can be realized and utilized to bring revolutionary changes in multiple fields of the society.