Best Ways to Backup Office 365 Mailbox – A Quick Guide


Office 365 provides a powerful workability option for email communication among all email clients that are developed by Microsoft. People in any organization are continuously and well working with Office 365. Office 365 provides a wide range of flexible options for its users. But having an Office 365 account is not only the task until you have a proper Office 365 mailbox backup.

When you have a backup of your data then you can easily retrieve back and access it in the future without any hassle. Here is the same work for Office 365, if you are having an account with Office 365 and you are working on it, then it is very necessary that you must have a backup of the Office 365 mailbox.

Microsoft itself doesn’t guarantee the complete restoration of lost or corrupted Office 365 data, So here you need your own created backup which will not cost you in the future when you lost your data. If your data will be lost due to any reason and you have a backup then you can retrieve it back and access it without any trouble. Here you will find the best possible technique to backup office 365 mailboxes using Office 365 Email Backup Tool.

The Cause Behind Data Loss of Office 365 Mailbox

There are many circumstances when your data can be lost or corrupted and you won’t be able to access it until you have a proper backup. 

The reason may be:-

  • Interrupted power supply.
  • Improper shutdown.
  • Virus attack from drives.
  • Cyberattack.
  • Accidentally deleting files.
  • Poor data migration.
  • Software corruption.
  • Hardware failure.

Human error is the most seen reason behind the loss of data like accidental deletion or deletion after single access without knowing its future use.

Methods to Backup Office 365 Mailbox

There are many possible ways for Office 365 backup over the internet. But all of them are not a bit easy. Here you will find the best of the simple methods & techniques to backup 365 mailboxes without any complexity.

We will tell you the best of two possible ways for your office mailbox backup so you will not have to do many laborious and demanding tasks.

Method 1: Manual method.

  • Using MS outlook
  • Using eDiscovery

Method 2: Professional method.

  • By using Software Tool

Manual method, using MS outlook:

  • First, Open MS Outlook on the system where you backup the office365 mailbox.
  • Configure your Office365 account in Outlook.
  • Now, Go to the File menu bar and click on the Import/Export option.
  • Next, hit on the Export to a file option.
  • Choose the Folder/file which you want to export and check on the Include Subfolder box.
  • Press the Finish button.

 Manual method, using eDiscovery:

eDiscovery or electronic discovery is a build-in tool in MS outlook 365 that can be used to backup 365 mailboxes.

Step1: Login to your office365 account.

Step2: Go to the Office365 Admin center and select the Security and compliance center.

Step3: Click on Permission and select export from the given option.

Step4: Click on Search and investigate the option.

Step5: Press the Add button to start new content, after entering a new name click on Next.

Step6: Select the Search everywhere option and check on Exchange to export all the mailboxes and click on the start button.

Step7: In the Content Search dialog box, click on Download export result.

Step8: Create the export key and copy & paste it to the eDiscovery Export tool. Then, select the path where you like to save the data.

By using eDiscovery you can also export &  Backup o365 mailbox to PST file.

Professional Method of Backup Office 365 Mailbox:

The professional method includes a direct method to backup 365 mailboxes using the software. You can easily take Office 365 backup by using  Aryson Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool. This tool will provide you with the simplest and best technique for your office365 mailbox backup. You can change the File format while taking backup and Email clients as well.

You can Backup o365 mailbox to PST or in any file format. You can easily save your office365 backup email to any external storage device/laptop/PC and also export emails from office365 to other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, OperaMail, AOL e.t.c. while doing backup. Also after doing a backup you can convert office 365 backup email to PST, OST, TXT, MBOX, MSG, and any other file format.


Even though there are many ways for office 365 email backup, it can be done manually or by using software but the manual methods are time-consuming in comparison to backup tools.

Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool provides you an effective and efficient solution to Backup office 365 mailbox, with its salient features like conversion of Office 365 emails to other email clients and also convert it into a different File format with ease in less time.

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