2 Exciting Ways Technology is Changing the Scenario in the Field of Medicine


The field of medicine has been evolving on a rapid pace. So much that if you haven’t been following it in just the last year or so, you will be in a surprise. Such is the advancements in the field of medicine and healthcare as a whole that you can’t get over it in a limited time. This is a major factor in attracting students towards this field as hundreds of thousands of students across the US, Canada and the Caribbean islands try their best to enroll in a med school to start a career.

Students need to get along each and every aspect that is important for them so that they don’t face a tough situation anytime in the future. For example, issues like caribbean medical school residency match is one of the toughest scenarios a student face just after completing the studies. This issue and other similar ones can make or break the career of a student if not handled properly. That’s why they need to be on top of them.

The technological part that I started earlier in the blog is my main point of concern here. So, let me discuss with you now for your easy understanding.

Latest Technologies in the Medical Field

The care of patient should be the priority of a medical professional. Students who are in their final year or about to pass out and looking for residency in US, must deal with this aspect as ultimately this is for what they are trained. Nowadays, there are many innovative ways to connect with the patients. One of the challenges faced by medical professionals is about the patients who live in a remote area and cannot come daily to the hospital for regular checkup.

There are multiple challenges faced by doctors and medical professionals. The scenario about to be mentioned is all about making the graduates of tomorrow equipped and enlightened about what is coming their way. That is all about looking at the new technologies in a different perspective so that it just make their job easy but so that the patients and the humanity as a whole start to evolve.

The reasons mentioned above are exactly why I have written this blog to make future doctors, physicians and surgeons think about what they need to know about latest technology and what’s coming their way. For starters, there are two different use of technologies that I would like to discuss here. One of them deal with a drone and the other is use of an app.

Drone Technology for Helping People in Need

While it is still mostly a concept and haven’t been used commercially or at a widespread level, there are many ways in which drone technology is being used in at least one of the fields in this concern. In many US states, tests have been conducted to make drones supply medicines, blood and other samples that can help physicians know more about a patient living in a remote region or a place have been devasted by a natural calamity.

The start of some sort of operation is going on in African region by a company to transport medicines and other critical life-saving equipment. So there is no such thing as this is a futuristic aspiration and we will have to wait for several years. In fact, I am sure that by the time some of my viewers will read this blog, it will already be in operation. So as a student in the field of medicine or technology related to it you must have some idea about this as you may have to use technologies like these in the near-future.

App Aiding Patients and Physicians Equally

The use of an app so that doctors can use them to check the condition of their patients and patients can use them to get the expert opinion for them has been in use for a quite a time now in many countries worldwide. And this is slowly in operation in the Caribbean islands. Such is the ease of use of apps like these as even illiterate persons can learn to use it in a matter of few days with the help of anyone familiar with it.

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