About Software Testing: Definition, Tutorial & All the Things You Need to Know


Software Testing is a method of verifying that the actual software product meets the expected requirements and ensuring that the software product is error-free. It includes the execution of software/system components using manual or automated tools to evaluate one or more of the relevant features.

The main aim of software testing is to detect errors, gaps, and other missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements If you are looking for a certified course, you will take many Software Testing courses in Pune or other cities. You can complete a beginner course and become a software tester.

Software Test Definition

As per ANSI / IEEE 1059 standards, the steps to analyze the properties of software is to find out the gaps between actual and required conditions to be met.) between actual and required conditions and to evaluate the properties of the software item.

Why do we need software testing?

  • The interviewers asked, “Why is the test needed?” Or “Software test why?” They may ask.
  • When I started my career, I had no idea what software testing was and why it was needed.
  • I also didn’t know where to start. Maybe you’re in the same situation as me a long time ago.
  • Don’t miss our guides on how to become a software tester and change your career from manual testing to automation testing
  • I am now saying that it is an art to evaluate the functionality of a software application to know if the developed software meets the specified requirements and to detect defects to ensure that the product is defect-free to produce quality products.

If there is no software test in the software development process After the current trend, our lives are developing in every field due to the continuous change and development in digitalization. The way we work has also changed. For example, we access our online bank, shop online, order food online, and more. We have software and systems. And if these systems are flawed. We all know that a small mistake can have a huge impact on businesses in terms of financial loss and goodwill.

To deliver a quality product, we need to test it in the Software Development Process. Some of the reasons why testing has become such an important and integral part of the information technology field are as follows.

  • Benefit cost
  • Customer happiness
  • Safety
  • Product quality

Test approaches: There are three types of software testing approaches.

  1. White box test
  2. Black box test
  3. Grey box test

1. White box test:

Also called glass box, transparent box, structural test. In white-box tests, the system’s internal perspective and programming skills are used to design test cases. This test is usually done at the unit level.

2. Black box test:

It is also called Behavioural Test / Specification Based / Input-Output. Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which testers evaluate the functionality of the tested software regardless of the structure of the internal code.

3. Grey box test:

It is a combination of gray box, white box and black box tests. The tester working on this type of test should have access to the design documentation. This helps create better test cases during this process.

 Test levels:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration test
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance test

Unit Test:

The unit test is done to verify that the individual modules of the source code are working correctly. that is, test each application unit separately by the developer in the developer’s environment. It is AKA Module Testing or Component Testing. To learn more about unit tests, see our detailed unit testing guide.     

Integration test:

The Integration Test is the process of testing connectivity or data transfer between some modules tested per unit. It is also known as I&T Testing or String Testing. To learn more about integration testing, see our detailed integration testing guide

System test (end-to-end test):

It’s a black box test. Testing the fully integrated application is also called end-to-end scenario testing. Check the complete test for each

Types of Testing:

Testing CategoryTypes of Testing
Functional TestingUnit Testing
Integration Testing
UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
So on
Non-Functional TestingPerformance
So on

Software tester career path

There are many job profiles as a Software Tester:

  • QA Analyst (most recent)
  • Senior QA Analyst (2-3 years experience)
  • QA team coordinator (5-6 years of experience)
  • Test Manager (8-11 years experience)
  • Senior Test Manager (over 14 years of experience)


The fee for a software tester varies from company to company. The average salary range for a software tester in the USA is $45,993 – $74,935. The average package of careers in software testing in India is Rs 247,315 – Rs 449,111.

In addition, a software tester takes advantage of health insurance, bonuses, bonuses and other benefits.

How to become a software tester:

To become a software tester, you must have complete knowledge and basic knowledge of software testing tools. You must first attend a beginner-level course and clarify the basic concept, then fill out a certificate and research a specific design country based on your interest, then apply for jobs and be placed.

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