What Makes a Great Homepage?


They say that you never get a second chance to a great first impression….. But how do you think this relates to a website? Homepages, of course!

With all the different ways of navigating the world wide web, some marketers believe that homepages just aren’t important anymore. From social media ads that link directly to a landing page to internal links that go directly to articles, it’s increasingly easier for users to bypass a homepage altogether when visiting a website. Yes, we do agree that the above is true, but despite this, your homepage is still incredibly important. Don’t believe us? Well, keep on reading as we are going to share just why and what makes a great homepage. 

Copy, Copy, Copy

When your homepage is being created (whether by yourself or by a digital marketing agency), it’s very easy to concentrate on the way it looks. We completely understand this. A well-designed homepage not only helps users navigate a website, but it makes a company look professional. 

And, while both of these elements are important, your homepage copy should be the thing you really invest your time into. To understand how to do this, simply clarify what the point of your homepage is. This includes what you want it to achieve, whether that is informing users of your business or getting them to sign up for a newsletter.

Keep Your Perfect Customer in Mind

When your homepage is being designed, and your copy is being written, it’s essential to imagine your perfect customer and keep them in mind. Anyone with a device and internet access can land on your homepage, which is why the majority of businesses look to appeal to the masses. If you can impress a range of visitors, the more likely you’ll make more sales, right? That’s actually wrong, sorry!

You shouldn’t be trying to flog your products and/or services to absolutely everyone. You should be selling to a pre-defined target audience. Any other customer who buys from you is simply the icing on the cake. 

To start with, you need to know who your perfect customer is. In other words, the person you want to buy into your business. You need to know their interests, their pain points, their backgrounds and everything in between. Once you know this, you’ll understand how to engage and influence them into making a decision. 

Choose Just One Call to Action

This one is critical; you must have a really good call-to-action on your homepage. Your call-to-action is the single most element of a homepage because it’s how the main goal is accomplished. You should only have one because if you have more than this, you run the risk of having conflicting messages on your homepage. 

If you have a compelling homepage that effectively communicates why people should buy into your business, you really don’t want to confuse them.

Here are some CTA examples that could work for you:

  • Book Now
  • Register Today
  • Opt-In
  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Sound Good?

You might be thinking that we’ve missed that the most relevant CTA off the list but ” purchase now” isn’t ideal for most companies and does look a little desperate.

Homepages Shouldn’t Stay The Same

Because of the very nature of the business lifecycle, homepages should never stay the same. In other words, what might be working on your homepage now might not work in 3 months’ time. Whether it’s changing the copy or including a new product photo, make sure you keep your homepage updated. 

This is why homepages are so powerful and effective. They can do what your business needs, and if your business changes, so can your homepage too. So, make the most of this valuable marketing asset and ensure it’s working as hard as you want it to.