Why use WhatsApp API Web Service to Send and Receive Messages?


Would it not be easy to use WhatsApp as the main communication channel to interact with customers? Of course, it would be. With more than 1.5 billion users of the app throughout the world, WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most loved apps.

Inspired by the usage, WhatsApp developers have released an exclusive app for business enterprises in selected markets. WhatsApp Business helps enterprises send and receive messages with users anywhere around the globe.

Many companies provide WhatsApp API web service where a single API is used to integrate WhatsApp with the system, database, and backend of business enterprises. The app can be accessed and used from a web portal instead of a mobile phone to send messages. This enables enterprises to use the app from any computer. The support staff can interact with customers easily using web services.

Enterprises will still need a valid mobile phone number to create an account on WhatsApp Business after downloading the app for free. Then can opt for the services provided by companies to request early access to use the app. The companies will provide a cloud platform for enterprises to send and receive messages.

The platform will act as a gateway service facilitating enterprises to stay in touch with users from any country. The advantages of using WhatsApp API web service are as follows.

  • Converse with Users
    • WhatsApp is an app used to easily converse with others by sending text messages, images, audio and video files, voice notes, and documents.
    • Enterprises can use the same features to send messages to users.
    • The two-way communication makes it possible for customers to reply to a message from the enterprise and vice versa.
    • The individual chatboxes provide data security by using end-to-end encryption.
    • Confidential information such as customer account details, updates and changes to the customer profile, reward points, etc. can be shared.
    • The messages are recorded in the system and a conversation can be continued by a bot or a different member of the support staff.
    • The support staff can switch to live chat and finalize a transaction from within the chatbox.
  • Send Notifications
    • Update users about their orders booked, delivered, etc.
    • Send service reminders. Customers can reply and change or schedule the time and date of service depending on their timetable.
    • Send reminders for payments and allow customers to pay from within the conversation. Or, provide a link where they can the payment.
    • Send notifications about expiring reward points.
  • Send Transactional Messages
    • Notifications about any transaction that has been initiated by the customer can be sent.
    • OTP or other passwords and PIN numbers can be shared using secure, private chatboxes with individual users.
  • Deliver Messages to Users
    • Find a way to deliver messages to users no matter what.
    • There will be times when the users do not have access to an internet connection and cannot receive messages via WhatsApp.
    • In such instances, the API platform will automatically re-route the message to the user via another communication channel.
    • The SMS feature is largely used as it does not require an internet connection. The aim is to send the message to the user under any circumstances.
  • Automate the Conversation
    • Conversations can be automated by using an Artificial Intelligence software program to create chatbots.
    • The bots respond instantly to messages from users and answer a few standard questions.
    • The bots can be customized based on the requirements of the enterprise.
    • Sending welcome messages, replies to FAQs, sending a set of instructions to newly registered users, etc. are some of the things a bot can do with ease.
  • Enhance Customer Support Service
    • Using bots to interact with users when the support staff is not available, keeping conversations alive, and effectively troubleshooting the issues to resolve them faster, are some of the ways in which WhatsApp can help improve customer service.

Gupshup has enabled various top brands to gain early access to WhatsApp Business and provided them with a reliable and secure platform to communicate with users across more than 30 channels.

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