Serviced Apartments: Emerging Trend Among Young Renters


Whether you are traveling for work, visiting a new country as a tourist, or exploring the world as a digital nomad, finding a comfortable and affordable accommodation is one of the top priorities of every traveler. You want to find accommodation that offers safety and privacy but also all the comforts you would typically find at home. Enter serviced apartments, the emerging trend that’s transforming the hospitality industry, and gaining more popularity in metropolises around the globe.

Fully-furnished and convenient, serviced apartments serve as both short-term and long-term solutions for different types of travelers or long-term renters, with the trend being especially embraced by Millennials and Generation Z due to the wide range of benefits such apartments offer. In this article, we will be looking at different ways the influx of serviced apartments is influencing the hospitality industry while also listing all the advantages these apartments have over other accommodation options.

An affordable housing solution

It’s not unusual for young travelers to spend hours trying to find a hotel that’s within their budget. Even when they do manage to find something at a decent price, it will usually come with its own drawbacks and chances are, they will end up paying more than they originally intended.

On the other hand, staying in a serviced apartment proves to be a much more economic option given the number of services guests are provided with. The guests have the option to use shared spaces to prepare food, do their laundry, and socialize with other residents while also having the option to head back to their own place for some privacy. Cooking at the apartment instead of eating out can also potentially save a significant amount of money, while a convenient location means most of the amenities guests need are within a walking distance from the apartment.

A unique experience

The unique social experience these apartments offer is what makes them so popular among millennials and younger renters. Having the option to retreat to your own private space and have a bit of ‘me time’ is essential for younger individuals, and staying at service apartments offers you just that – the possibility to have some peace and quiet when you need it the most. Whether you’re studying, preparing for a meeting, working, or simply relaxing and having some alone time with your thoughts, staying at a serviced apartment gives you a chance to spend free time the way you want while also offering you an option to socialize with other residents when and if you feel like it.

And who knows – hanging out with other residents in one of the communal areas such as the kitchen, laundromat, rooftop, or the communal lounge may turn out to be a unique social experience for forging friendships, whether they be lifelong ones or the ones you will never forget.

A home away from home

Staying at a hotel can get lonely pretty quickly, especially if you are traveling alone for work. Being unable to choose your destination when traveling for work means you’ll be away from all the home comforts, and staying at an impersonal, sterile hotel room can make you feel even lonelier while you’re away.

On the other hand, serviced apartments for rent in sacramento ca act as a home away from home, which is another reason why they might be a better option for business travelers. Laid back and practical, the design of serviced apartments helps guests feel at home, while the services such as cleaning and ironing make them even more appealing. This makes it easier for guests to get accustomed to their temporary living spaces, and after a few days, they start to feel more like actual homes than simply places for sleeping over.

Accommodation that offers more room for freedom and flexibility

The best thing about serviced apartments is that they don’t only provide a place to stay in but also a place that accommodates different types of travelers and their lifestyles, especially younger renters who are all about freedom and flexibility. For instance, you may be a student looking to save money and reach certain financial goals such as paying off a debt or putting a down payment on a house. Or, you can be a business traveler staying in town for a few days and need to focus on your work. Or, you may be a digital nomad who’s looking to explore local culture in their free time.

By choosing serviced apartments and small space living, you get more flexibility and freedom to live the way you want to live. This allows you to create the perfect balance between your working life and your downtime – something that all of us are trying to achieve.

Wrapping up

As the need for flexible and convenient accommodation options grows, the hospitality industry is adapting to the evolving changes of its clients and answering their needs in an effective way. Serviced apartments are seen as a game-changer in accommodation, providing those who choose to stay with a range of options and amenities for their added convenience while also acting as their home away from home.

With housing prices constantly increasing and the number of city residents rising at a rapid pace, serviced apartments present one of the most convenient housing solutions available to travelers at the moment, and the demand for affordable serviced accommodation can only be expected to grow with time.

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