Simple Camping Tips to Make Your Next Adventure Awesome


No matter if you’re sleeping in a tent or an RV, camping is one of the best ways to spend your free time, especially during the pandemic, when other types of family vacations are very risky. However, your camping trip can just as easily turn into a nightmare, if you did not carefully prepare for it. Keep in mind that deciding on what to bring along for your camping outing is only a part of your preparation. You need to make sure that you are familiar with the place you will be staying at, in order to avoid any difficulties that might arise when setting up the camp.

Finding a good spot

The majority of adventurers who go camping tend to forget to look into where their campsite is going to be. This is important as you need time to set it up, and you should avoid doing it in the dark. Moreover, before you set up your tents or anchor your RV, investigate the site and make sure that it is safe for a fun camping adventure. Keep in mind that your goal should be to have a practical yet comfy camp or RV parking spot that will impact nature as little as possible. Nobody likes other people’s mess, so make sure you take your garbage with you when leaving the site.

Bring plenty of supplies

Even if you plan on camping only for a few days, you should always bring more supplies than you think you will need. Running out of food or water can be extremely unpleasant because you would have to cut your camping short if that happens. Also, always pack some extra clothing since you never know when you might need it. Do not forget to pack additional fuel if you are going by car or RV- portable diesel tanks are excellent for storing the extra fuel, without taking up a lot of space. 

Ensure you’re safe

Every good vacation is a safe vacation, so make sure to pay special attention to your comfort and safety during your nature outing. If you’re taking out your RV, remember to ensure safe driving, parking and relaxation with an RV camera system that will provide you with ultimate visibility and help you stay safe on the road and when parked. Wide viewing angles, head lamps, night vision and motion detectors will ensure nothing slips past your watchful eye. On the other hand, if you’re camping in a tent, make sure to hang your food and bring plenty of bug repellent. 

Are the plants dangerous?

One of the many things that can ruin a fun camping trip is poisonous plants. In order to steer clear of these nuisances, you should learn how to distinguish them and what you should do if you do come in contact with them. You cannot protect yourself from everything in the wilderness, but the least you can do is make sure that you know what kind of plants are dangerous, and how you can treat simple rashes before they get serious. Always have ointments in your RV or backpack. 

Always let someone know where you are

Getting lost in the woods is easier than it seems. Never leave your campsite without letting someone know where you are going, because – one wrong move and you could end up wandering the forest for days before someone finds you. If you insist on exploring, make sure you have an experienced camper with you at all times. This way you will be able to find your way back, no matter where you go. On the other hand, make use of your smartphone and RV navigation and have the integrated GPS and compass help you if you think you are lost (they are just some of many travel gadgets you must have). 

Camping should be fun, but you should look into a few things beforehand, to make sure everything goes according to plan. Bringing enough supplies and making sure the campsite is safe is your number one priority. Other than that, you should research where you are going, to find out if there are any dangerous animals or plants you should watch out for. When you leave, make sure to clean up everything and leave as little trace of you being there as possible. And – most importantly – remember to have fun, and make some unforgettable memories.

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