The Top 8 Must-Visit Places in Grenada


Year in and year out, Grenada consistently ranks among the most visited countries in the Caribbean. With its numerous attractions, it draws millions of visitors from different parts of the world.

The country’s many fascinating natural and manmade tourist spots and landmarks and laid-back vibe also make it a popular destination among retirees and people looking to invest in a second home. The country’s Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program allows foreigners to buy a property and legally live here.

Moreover, through this program, non-nationals are issued a Grenada passport without the need to renounce their current citizenship. A Grenada passport allows holders visa-free travel to more than 143 countries and access to the USA E2 Treaty Investor visa.

But what makes Grenada one of the best countries in the Caribbean to visit or live in? It’s mainly because of these places:

1. St. George

The capital city of Grenada is one of the first places you have to explore when you visit or move to this country. It is considered one of the most beautiful, historic harbor towns in the Caribbean.

St. George The capital city of Grenada

St. George boasts charming rustic houses, fascinating stone churches, and eye-catching terracotta tiles. The surrounding blue sea and variety of luxury sailing boats and cruise ships add to the picturesque beauty of the town as well.

From the town, you will have excellent views of the island’s beautiful mountains and lush tropical forests. They won’t fail to catch your eye, and they are always worth taking photos of, too.

While exploring the capital, visit Market Square, the country’s largest market. Since you are in the “Island of Spice,” learn about the local spices here.

St. George’s marina or Carenage is lined up with numerous restaurants specializing in Grenada cuisine. While feasting on great local eats, you will treat your eyes to the stunning views around you. You will satisfy more than your gustatory cravings when you dine outdoors at Carenage.

2. Fort George

Located in St. George, Fort George is the country’s oldest fort.

Built-in 1705 under the French authority, the fort offers a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the surroundings. There are also historical cannons and old defensive tunnels that you have to see and explore in this area.

Fort George currently serves as the official headquarters of the Royal Grenada Police force. However, most sections of the fort are open to the public, and these areas provide incredible 360-degree views of St. George.

3. Grand Anse Beach

Whether you will be staying temporarily or permanently in Grenada, the beaches will definitely be on top of your must-visit places.

Grand Anse Beach is Grenada’s most famous beach and one of the top seaside destinations in the Caribbean. It has two miles of white powdery sand and azure calm, cool waters. The surrounding forest makes the coast more picturesque and Instagram-worthy.

Grand Anse Beach is a magnificent spot for various water activities and sports. These include diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and flyboarding.

If you want to relax and get a tan, there are plenty of sun loungers where you can lie down. You will also have several restaurants and bars to choose from to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.

4. Morne Rouge Beach

If you want to explore other beaches aside from the Grand Anse Beach, head to the Morne Rouge Beach.

Located near Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge is known for its white sands and serene blue waters. It currently only has two resorts which means the shores are usually less crowded. Because of this, it is an excellent place to relax.

The beach also has shallow and warm waters. As such, it is perfect for kids of any age.

Morne Rouge also has a few restaurants and beach bars to choose from.

5. Annandale Falls

Aside from beaches, Grenada also has its fair share of majestic, beautiful waterfalls. One of these is the Annandale Falls.

Annandale Falls has located a short distance from St. George. It is the most accessible of all the waterfalls since you won’t need to go on a long walk or hike to get to it.

The 30-foot waterfall is surrounded by tropical trees and flowers. While here, you can try cliff diving, get drenched by the falling water, and take a dip in the natural pool.

Don’t forget to take photos of the waterfalls and the stunning surroundings.

6. Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

If you want to explore a unique attraction in Grenada, you won’t go wrong with visiting the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park.

The world’s first underwater sculpture garden, created by Jason de Caires Taylor, is made up of over 65 sculptures. Each art piece is made of concrete and steel and attached to the ocean floor with bolts.

In addition to being impressive works of art, the sculptures also double as artificial reefs. They act as underwater habitats for various marine life, including peacock flounders, fireworms, and banded coral shrimp.

Diving is the best way to see the underwater park. However, you can also see the sculptures aboard a glass-bottomed boat or when you snorkel in the area.

7. La Sagesse Nature Center

There are various places in Grenada that offer more than one attraction. One of these is the La Sagesse Nature Center.

This area is a former plantation that has numerous hiking trails and a lovely beach. It is also home to various avian species, making it an excellent place for bird watchers. Some of the unique birds you will find here are the Caribbean coot, flycatcher, the greenback heron, and the northern jacana.

The beach boasts palm trees and calm waters, making it an ideal place to get some rest and relaxation. It also has a superb coral reef which you can explore by snorkeling.

8. Grand Etang Lake and National Park

Another place that offers several attractions in Grenada is the Grand Etang Lake and National Park.

The rainforest has a variety of hiking paths that boast fascinating flora and fauna. The wildlife includes armadillos and mona monkeys. Various avian species, such as the Grenada dove and tropical mockingbirds, can be found here as well.

The park also has several plantations, hot springs, and waterfalls. You won’t run out of exciting and lovely things to see and experience when you visit this place.

To be fully protected during your visit to or sojourn in Grenada, make sure you get good travel insurance. With the right coverage, you will have peace of mind and enjoy your stay in this beautiful island country, whether temporarily or permanently, even more.

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Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.

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