What Makes Road Tripping On a Motorcycle Better Than a Car?

Traveling has a great many benefits from changing you physically and psychologically to allowing you to learn about some unique cultures and taste some succulent local cuisines. Many people make excuses for shortage of the capital which can be managed if you travel by road. Road tripping gives you a lot more wonderful memories than traveling by air. Riding a vehicle on an open road for days is one of the most cleansing things a person could do for his soul. And when you travel on your vintage Harley Davidson ride while wearing your motorcycle jacket, you will have more up-close experience of the sceneries around you, you will become part of the landscape you are progressing through, and you can make more friends along the way, and can easily travel on a limited budget.

As the summer approaches, many Americans and other free souls from all over the world make a plan to visit some mesmerizing place and without any delay take their classic ride out and hit the road for a memorable tour. Some people consider motorcycling risky and challenging but this can’t be a reason to not road trip on a motorcycle. Because this a slight risk factor adds so much adventure to bike riding. This article holds a great many advantages of riding a two-wheeler over a car to do a road trip.

Connects you with nature:

When riding a motorcycle, you can feel the cool air, raindrops, rays of the sun, and foam of snow directly on your skin. Furthermore, you can smell the beautiful flowers grown along the highway. You can avail of all these experiences only if you are road tripping on a motorcycle and not in an enclosed vehicle like a car.    

Offers you more economical trip:

If you are planning to rent a bike, you will have to pay a lot less amount than the amount needed for a car. Talking about the mileage, even the most efficient car cannot compete with the mileage of a motorcycle.

Also, the maintenance of a motorcycle is cheaper than the maintenance of a car. Lastly, the parking cost of a motorcycle is also very low in comparison with a car. If you sum up all these dollars you saved on a motorcycle trip, you could make another trip with that amount.

Maneuvering around on a motorcycle is much easier:

A motorcycle needs less space, so you can easily maneuver around on your two-wheeler. Also, in many countries, lane splitting for motorcycles is legal which helps bikers continue their trip even when there is a traffic jam. Moreover, you can use off-roads on motorcycles too, which besides making your trip more adventurous, can take you to some hidden gem of nature.

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Ease in parking:

No matter whether you are tripping in a group or doing a solo trip, you will not face parking problems. You can park almost anywhere you like when you feel like making a stop while traversing through some beautiful landscapes. On the other hand, parking a car gives you a lot of trouble, and sometimes even because of no parking space, you have to leave some tourist spots.

Gives you new friends:

All the bike riders consider them part of the biking community and always help other bikers in the time of need. They have a tradition of waving at each other while passing by. Furthermore, when you are touring on a motorcycle, the locals got more attracted to you and try to learn from about your tour and even some of them offer you food or stay. This way you will make some great friends from different destinations. This doesn’t happen if you are road tripping in a car

If all these fun full reasons are enough to convince you for making at least one road trip on a motorcycle, make sure you got all the safety gear like a motorcycle helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and boots. If you are planning a tour without any of this equipment, you may find yourself in big trouble. You can learn more about motorcycle protective gear here. Moreover, as the packing capacity of motorcycles is limited, so you must pack your things smartly.

Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

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