7 Benefits of Playing Video Games


It may be hard to believe but playing computer, PC and video games can be great sometimes. We are always blaming games for spoiling kids, teenagers and young adults, but it isn’t true always. It is a great escape from reality when the mind forgets everything and all it wants is to win the game. Let us understand some other ways in which games are great for boosting the mood.

Slows down the process of aging

Forget the age; games have their own way of changing even the most horrible and boring days of your life into good and happy ones. They are the best way to pass time and provide your mental stress with a gate to get out and vanish because while playing games all you think about is winning it. Playing games gives your mind a mental boost and when you are totally engrossed in playing games you forgive and forget all things that surround you. Your body starts releasing the happy hormones and when you are happy your brain is in its best possible shape. Play games, exercise your mind, give it a boost and slow down the process of ageing.

Get better at decision making

Games can affect your ability to make decisions. While playing games you have to act as the quick decision maker because there is not much time to take slow decisions because then you will lose the game easily. When playing games you will make quick decisions and that will make you a quick thinker and a decisive person. Want to be a smart and quick decision maker? Start playing games.

Improve your social skills by playing games

If you have problems connecting with people and you need to work upon your socializing skills then you must start playing games. How does it help? There are various online games that can help to improve the social skills as they make you join online groups and connect with strangers and play with them or against them as opponents. Online games help to improve social skills and you will slowly and gradually begin to connect with more and more strangers.

Games will enhance your ability to learn

Not all but certain video games will help to improve the flexibility of your brain which will promote your ability to learn. If you are a slow learner and find the problem in concentrating while studying, reading or doing a regular job then you must start by playing strategy games. Just because games are interesting to play and the best form of time pass for the young and the old which is why you will not find playing games a burden on your brain and it will also enhance your ability to learn. Other games that will help to boost your memory and ability to learn are; card, quiz, real-time strategy, survival games.

Improve your hand eye co-ordination

All the profession these days requires a good hand-eye co-ordination. Even an average person must be capable enough to maintain good-hand eye coordination while performing tasks at work. When playing games a person has to keep the focus on the screen and without looking at the controller perform stunts, make movements and take actions. Multi-tasking is the key that will make you perform better while playing games.

Online games are a way to treat depression in teenagers

A study in New Zealand has proved that video games help to cure mental disorders and depression in teenagers. At the age when teenagers are facing the abrupt fluctuations in their body because of their hormones and when their moods and feelings are totally out of control at that time keeping the mind indulged in extra-curricular activities like playing sports, games can help them curb out depression. Not that this is the ultimate escape route for kids, teenagers but it does help to an extent, a lot at times.

Connect with your loved one over a game

If there are not many reasons for you in the world to connect or rekindle with your loved ones then gaming can become your reason now. Who knows playing a game over free time might help you connect and ignite a spark!

Not one but there are a thousand good reasons to play and enjoy games. Find yours and start playing!

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