Write for Us: Editorial Guidelines

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If you are interested in writing a guest post on this website, you can contact us with the proposed topic through the contact form. If you are interested in sharing your ideas about education, business, Travel, Stories, etc. We strongly encourage you to submit a guest post. Guest posting is a great way to increase the visibility of your blog or website.

If you have something concrete to talk about, we have exactly the platform for you!

How Can You Write For Us?

We’d love to publish your post if it relates to our site’s theme and resonates with our audience. We are looking for people, preferably bloggers who can write on various niches like food, travel, health, business, and health, etc. We want well-written guest posts for our website, boasting impeccable English and being highly informative.

You can contact us via the contact form, and if your post gets approved, you’ll hear from us within a week or two. In case you don’t, chances are we had to reject the submission.

Writing Manual

Here we have listed some of the most common reasons why we might have to reject a post:

  • Must require content about 750+ words long. If the post is too short (<600 words), it might not get accepted and rejected directly without notice.
  • If the post doesn’t cater to the topic of our niche, or if it’s found to be too promotional (if it reads like an ad), or doesn’t provide much useful information, or has a lot of grammatical errors (Check with Grammarly), or if it’s just simply hard to read – we may have to reject it.
  • We do not publish posts that have been published before. We only accept unique and non-plagiarized content (Check with Plagiarism Tools like Copyscape or Plagiarism Checkers) submissions for our website.
  • We have reserved rights to remove and edit links and content.
  • It’s also possible that we might miss your email, in case it goes to the spam section. In this case, we’d ask you to check whether your email service provider (Gmail Yahoo, etc.) isn’t automatically sending your emails to the spam section.
  • We will give one 1 Do-Follow link in the author’s bio or in content.
  • Must require providing author bio of 100 to 200 characters, with social media links (Preferable – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Guest posts/articles Niche

  • Marketing – Marketing Trends, Research Topics, Marketing Tools, Infographics, etc. (SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Paid Marketing, etc.)
  • Technology, Start-up, Entrepreneurship, Startup Stories, Future Technologies, Gadgets, Reviews
  • Education, Learning Guides
  • Home Decor, Health, Kitchen, Food, Recipe
  • Travel, Travel Experience, Destinations, etc
  • Health, Food, Recipe, Fitness, Problems, etc
  • Any Interesting or Trending General Topic Like “Bitcoin, COVID-19”

Our Rights

  • TheFastr.com can approve and reject your content without citing any reason.
  • We will only publish your post after a quality check is done by our editorial team.
  • Our Guest Blogs are All Rights Reserved* Do not republish any content of TheFastr.com without our permission.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any doubt.

Others cannot copy, distribute, or perform your work without our permission or give a ref to the blog article (or as permitted by fair use).

How to Submit?

Submit your post by following all the above guidelines

Before you submit your blog content, make sure:

  • The topic you write on should not have been published on our blog before. Explore our blog before you start writing.
  • That link-building should not be your purpose in submitting the article.

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