7 Steps to Check the Eligibility of an Essay Writing Platform


Asking for writing help is no longer something students should be ashamed of. With the growing burden of written assignments, essay writing platforms are rather a necessity than a whim.

However, the abundance of various essay writing services available online creates another problem – quality. Unfortunately, you still may hire a writer who will make up evidence or plagiarize every part of the assignment. Lots of companies provide their services without having qualified human capital and enough material resources.

Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the criteria for eligibility for an essay writing platform. This analysis will be based on the advice provided by a writer who used to work for Essay Pro. He has been writing for many academic services for many years, and he is ready to share his knowledge.

So, let’s get started.

Professional Writers

Writers are an integral part of every writing service. At least it should be this way. If they are not professional enough or struggle with academic writing, the platform you are using is not quite eligible.

A high-quality custom essay writing service takes its pride in the writers it hires. If you want to receive a quality paper, make sure the service’s writers are all native speakers with university degrees in their fields. Moreover, since they specialize in academic writing, they know the most current requirements and agree to follow them.

Money-Back Guarantee

Before placing your order with a service, check whether you will be able to claim your money back. Anything can happen, so you need to know that if you no longer need the paper or if you are not satisfied with its quality, you can return your money.

Of course, money-back operations are always subject to an internal investigation. However, the very fact that the company does not own your money until you are satisfied proves its eligibility.

Reviews and Ratings

Nowadays, people rarely give someone their money before prior research. Although obvious, it’s still worth mentioning. Search the internet for reviews and ratings of the service you are going to use. The reviews on the company’s website are always good, so you need to dig deeper. For example, go to forums like Quora or Reddit or specialized review sites to see what people think.

It is important to pay attention to reviews and ratings, but they are not 100% credible. Sometimes, clients do not provide enough instructions for the received paper to meet their expectations in full.

Free Samples and Materials

Every company that claims that its mission is to help students succeed should offer something free of charge for those who do not order papers. This can be free samples, informative blog posts, or software like grammar or spell-check.

The availability of such materials is a common standard in the industry. Almost every company providing academic services strives to please all students, regardless of their intentions. Therefore, such free materials became an unspoken standard in the industry.

Customer Support

Given the fact that the industry continuously develops, writing services try to catch up with these changes. Today, most students tend to communicate in writing and are used to receiving immediate answers. That’s why essay writing companies should maintain a 24/7customer support center.

It is really important for a company that claims that it provides services for all English-speaking countries. Given the time difference, students may need assistance with their orders at any time. Therefore, chats or a toll-free phone line are the characteristics of a good essay writing platform.

Pricing Policy

An eligible essay writing service is not cheap. It may offer some discounts during high season, but the price per page has to cover the writer’s expertise and other expenses. Do not get tricked with cheap offers.

Before you place your order on the cheapest platform you find, think about it. The company needs to maintain the website and the technical team. The support team and the writer have to get a salary. Moreover, they still have to make some profit. A high-quality paper can’t be written for cheap.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Companies that intend to make it to the list of the top writing services should demonstrate their intolerance of plagiarism of any kind. Usually, they submit a preliminary plagiarism report with every version of the paper they send to the client.

Such a policy proves that the client has paid for an original product and that such a product is delivered. Any hint of plagiarism and you can claim your money back without a trace of doubt.

Wrapping Up

The eligibility of an essay writing platform is a tricky question. Unfortunately, many companies do not pay enough attention to factors like quality and customer service. They strive to earn money until they lose their rating.

Companies that try to help students with high-quality services usually live longer ‘lives. They build their reputation and work hard to maintain and improve it. In this business, failure to keep abreast of the trends severely damages the credibility and eligibility of the service.