5 Types of Team-Building Activities to Boost Your Company Culture


Some employees are very good at developing connections with their colleagues and management, while others might need a lot of help in that department. And it’s important for all employees to be engaged in the workplace so you can maintain a vibrant, positive, and attractive company culture. One of the ways to boost company culture is to organize regular team-building activities. Through these out-of-work activities, your staff can cement their existing relationships and develop new ones. If you don’t have any ideas for team building, here are different activities with different goals for you to review and adopt: 

Breaking the ice

In order to kick off the flow of ideas and break the ice during meetings and events, you can come up with a few team-building ideas for your staff to play. For instance, two truths and a lie is a famous team-building game that allows team members to get to know each other and make connections that are not strictly based on the workplace. Show and tell is also a fun activity where everyone can bring something from home to present to their colleagues. You can also have a no-smile competition where everyone is forbidden to smile- see how much you all can last without bursting into laughter. 

Communication activities

If you want your company culture to focus on communication and good relationships between teams and team members, there are great team-building games and activities to achieve just that. A scavenger hunt is one of the best activities beloved by everyone. Plus, you can scale it down to just your office or go very big, including a larger area (there are even professionals who offer scavenger hunt services and organize events for your company). Through this game, team members will have to work together to piece together clues and solve the task to receive a prize and boost team spirit. If you’re ready for many laughs, you can play Blind Retriever, where one person is blindfolded and navigated by other team members to retrieve an item. 

Sports and competition

Sports are a perfect way to build a new connectedness among your employees. Friendly competition is always a great thing, plus physical activity can boost the health and energy of the team. If you’re ready to go big, you can organize a team-building trip for your team and take them golfing. There are amazing Scottsdale condo rentals and golf packages you can book for your trip. These include both staying and playing at the best golf courses in the area. Golfing is a great choice for team building because it mixes physical prowess with collaboration and tactics—everything one team needs for success in today’s competitive business world. You can organize a darts tournament or go bowling with your team for smaller sporting activities. 


Problem-solving is a crucial part of business operations, from coming up with ideas for production to removing daily obstacles. If you want your team members to exercise their problem-solving skills, you can organize a board game evening where your staff will need to learn the rules, solve all sorts of problems and find solutions for the game. There are also fun activities like building various constructions from wooden sticks or constructing simple devices (activities like Egg Drop or Build a Bridge). If you’re willing to spend some more money and take your staff outside of the office, book a Room Escape event. These are usually always successful and universally beloved activities that also require your team to work together, think outside the box, and use their various skills to escape the room. 

Creative activities

To encourage creative thinking and insert more creativity into your company culture, it’s necessary to provide your staff with an outlet for their imagination and creativity. You can organize a painting and drinking party where your team members get provided with canvases, paints, and wine so they can relax, create and connect. This is a great way for them to let go, relieve stress and spend time with each other engaged in true creativity that’s not burdened by competition or rivalry. 

If you want to boost your company culture and build a positive work environment, it’s necessary to provide your staff with plenty of team-building activities. Through these fun exercises, your employees will practice communication and teamwork, improve productivity, and connect with one another. There are various activities your team can engage in – from sports activities to boost competition, to creative activities to boost relaxation. If it’s been some time since your last team-building event, make sure to organize one right away and watch your company culture bloom.

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