6 Features to Tell Quality 3D Lenticular Prints

For any business looking forward to standing out with their marketing prints, lenticular printing is a wonderful idea. This printing method allows giving various effects to your marketing material. However, it is very important to work with a reputable and experienced lenticular printing agency. The right service provider will ensure that your marketing materials are free from imperfection. Here are 6 features to tell quality 3D lenticular prints.

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Stereo Pairs

Creating a smooth and pleasant 3D viewer experience on lenticular prints requires using 4 to 6 image pairs. The binocular disparity comes from using a single stereo pair to create a wonderful 3D picture. In reality, using a single stereo pair during lenticular printing limits the viewing angle to a tiny range. This results in an uncomfortable, abrupt, and unrealistic image change on adjusting the viewing angle.

Making 3D images with higher binocular resolution requires using more stereo pairs. This will lead to a smoother 3D viewing experience. Using a motorized camera slider with shutter synchronization is the trick to creating stereo pairs naturally.

Artwork Resolutions

When having 3 stereo pairs or 6 pictures under every lenticular, the picture resolution is divided by six. For a 300 dpi picture, each eye will see the picture at just 50 dpi to make 100 dpi for both eyes. This is a very low resolution is not appropriate for quality marketing prints. The lowest resolution should have images with about 200 dpi with the source artwork having 600 dpi. More stereo pairs will lead to better quality 3D lenticular printing.

Understanding this general requirement is essential to ensure that you get quality marketing material to push your brand forward. The ideal printing company should understand lenticular printing without limitation by hardware resolution. An experienced printing agency will understand the optimum value usually from 4 to 6. The ideal resolution when working with artwork is about 800 to 1200 dpi.

Artwork Design

Quality 3D artwork comes with a simple design. This is essential since the artwork is the focal point of the 3D lenticular print. Simplicity for artwork gives an exceptional visual effect that won’t make the viewer feel uncomfortable or dizzy. Complicated artwork will confound the target object leading to the creation of visual noise.

The ideal target object should be vigorous and with some depth. When having a human object as the focal point, the person in the image should pose at a 10 to 15-degree angle. The model should have the arms relaxed with a casual gesture. For images with scenery and other objects, focus requires interspersing and with distinct layers. Quality lenticular prints will benefit your business in various ways including:

  • Lowering marketing costs
  • Interesting storytelling
  • Being eye-catching with quality graphics
  • Innovative and interesting advertising solution

Scene Construction

Apart from focusing on the target object as noted above, supporting objects are necessary to enhance the 3D effect for quality lenticular prints. These supporting objects include a background or foreground. Objects in the foreground should float loosely out of the picture and not too big or solid to prevent competing for attention with your main object.

The ideal foreground creates perspective including allowing seeing the main object through the foreground void. Apart from the main object, background, and foreground, other objects are necessary to maintain continuity. This protects the three layers from too much isolation. Another aspect that requires special consideration is the color contrast for the layers to create quality 3D prints.

Appropriate Lenticular Specs

Lenticular specs come in various options designed for a particular effect. Keep in mind that some specs are inappropriate for 3D printing. The best lenticular printer will use an appropriate lens to match your choice of specs. Lenticular 3D prints need specs designed for 3D printing. The lens manufacturer offers all details regarding use and a specification sheet to make matching easier. An experienced printer will avoid using the wrong spec to ensure a quality 3D effect that will make your advert stand out.

Inspiration and Passion

Any quality lenticular print is a wonderful piece of art. It is no secret that a good painting should have inspiration and passion. Your 3D lenticular print will also need the same. The ideal lenticular printer usually has experience and expertise in handling this kind of printing. So, the printer will give you appropriate advice on anything that will make your marketing material stand out. The printing service provider should have features including:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Use of quality lenticular lens
  • Transparent process 
  • State of the art equipment
  • Offering a physical mockup of your project
  • Professional design and technical team

Wrapping up

When looking forward to marketing material that will make your brand stand out, lenticular printing is a viewing solution. However, you need a professional and experienced service provider who will ensure that your prints have no imperfections. Understanding features of quality lenticular prints are essential to getting outstanding marketing material.

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