Beachy Design Ideas for a Coastal Bedroom


If you miss the sea big time, don’t worry. Even if the weather in your area is not beach-ready, you can bring the beach to you with a perfect little beach bedroom remodel. No matter if you’re only ready for tiny changes or prepared to go big and do some real renovation, here are a few ideas that will turn your bedroom into a beachy escape:

Start with the right color palette

In order to create the right coastal bedroom vibes, it’s crucial to strike gold with your color palette. Your mind will naturally go towards shades of blue, which is totally valid. Gentle baby blue shades are perfect for the walls or bedding. You might also opt for warm yellows to represent the sun and the sand of the beach. An amazing color to consider is coral – a beautiful and fun mixture of red, orange and pink. This underutilized color is great for playful accents in throw pillows, plant pots and bedside tables.

Make your bed

The bed is the star of the show for most bedrooms, so make sure to dedicate a lot of time to your bedding choice. For most spaces, you can’t go wrong with a bold yet minimalist nautical-inspired bedspread with navy blue stripes on a crisp white base. This is a classic look that’s instantly recognizable as coastal and beachy. On the other hand, if you think stripes look too sailor-ish, choose navy blue color-blocked bedding with accent pillows to break the darkness a little bit. And, of course, the beige of the sand and brown of the palm tree bark are always a good idea if you prefer your bedroom more feminine-looking.

Add some greenery

Beaches and coasts are two very lively locations, even in desert islands, so make sure to add some life to your bedroom with potted plants. You can opt for very easy-to-grow snake plants and little parlor palms for that simple yet lush look. Peace lilies are many people’s favorites because of their big, tropical leaves, gentle white flowers and simple-to-maintain nature. You can even opt for pothos vining plants to wrap around your shelving or fall down from their little nests.

Tropical wall art

You can always add a lot of plants to your bedroom, but if you don’t have the greenest thumb, you better opt for plant art. Since tropical palms are impossible to bring into your bedroom anyway, wall art is the only way to bring some tropics to your space. You can go minimalist with simple palm silhouettes or go maximalist and realistic with luscious rainforest scenery. Beautiful surf and sea art and prints will also fit into any bedroom and inspire many of your midnight dreams. Make the frames match your headboard colors to create a very coherent and calming atmosphere that won’t allow anyone’s objects to steal all your attention.

Cane headboard

It would be best to sleep in a hammock if you want a 100% authentic beach experience, but that’s not always comfy. To add a touch of a tropical vibe to your bed, adore your headboard in canes or rattan. This will give your bed that coastal vibe and make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cozy basket in the middle of the forest. Leave the cane, straw or rattan natural or try to paint it to fit your interior—either way, it will give you a lot of texture, which is always a great idea. If you don’t like this idea, you can opt for a beige linen tufted headboard that creates a very soft and calming environment, especially when matched with light blue walls and calming beach-inspired art.

Decorate with driftwood

If you often see driftwood on your seashore walks, why not start collecting different branches and turning them into interesting bedroom décor? Driftwood has a very distinct look and texture that’s automatically connected to stormy sea nights and rough survival on the islands, but in your bedroom, it can look very sweet. For instance, you can use knotty driftwood as shelf décor or a centerpiece for your little bedroom coffee table. It can also be used as a wall hanger for accessories if you love your décor to have a purpose.

A breezy window seat

If you’re considering a more extensive renovation of your bedroom that includes creating a tiny addition, then go for a cozy window seat. Turn this seat into a ship nook with plush window seats, stacked pillows and blue curtains wavy like the sea. If there’s space for some vintage naval maps and maybe a chest under the bench, then you’ll create a true little captain’s escape where you can read your adventure books or write your log.

Use these ideas to turn your bedroom into a true beach escape, even in the middle of the winter. The airy vibes and kind-on-the-eyes décor will allow you to fully relax and feel like every day is a beach day!

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