All You Should Know About Using a Mobile Spray Rig


A spray foam contractor should understand various aspects of handling a project. Apart from having a team of talented and experienced people, appropriate equipment is essential. It allows doing great work that will give your brand a stellar reputation. Using inferior equipment is likely to make your staff end up lost and frustrated in the course of the project. One of the essential equipment for successful foam insulation projects is a mobile spray rig.

Understanding a mobile spray rig

This is a mobile plant for controlling temperatures surrounding customers’ resin and ISO materials. Spray foam insulation is ideal in various commercial situations to maintain optimal temperature. The rig keeps temperature up during freezing cold weather. On a hot day, the air conditioner works to limit material overheating leading to expansion. It also keeps humidity at an acceptable level.

By controlling the temperature, you will be able to store the materials at manufacturer recommendations and have better control of the reaction between A and B materials. This will lead to better material yields and better products all around. Materials are stored at temperature meeting manufacturer’s recommendations for better reaction control for good material yields.

Selecting a spray rig

There various options when selecting a mobile spray rig. These come in various sizes including 28 feet for more workspace and holding a range of material sets. Using this rig ensures less downtime to allow accomplishing projects on time. Additionally, rigs come in various brands but a wonderful option is to get Graco spray rigs.  You have to work with a professional technician to help you select the most appropriate rig to match your customers’ needs. The ideal mobile spray foam rig should have a generator, appropriate spray equipment, and air equipment.

Benefits of a mobile spray rig

Installing foam insulation significantly influences the presence of warm and humid temperatures in customers’ spaces. After investing in inappropriate equipment, you have to understand why customers love your business. A mobile spray rig is a smaller version of an industrial plant. Here are the benefits of investing in a mobile rig.


The mobile rig offers the convenience of having everything required for a project in one place. All appropriate equipment is always handy with nonexistent setup time. Additionally, there is no wasting time to load or unload appropriate equipment and material. This allows immediate handling of customers’ projects to improve your bottom line.

Limits wasting time

Having all the equipment and materials to handle a project in the truck saves time. There is no reason to panic looking for a power source when you reach the customer’s location. With less time spent setting up the equipment, effort, and energy are reserved for use to handle other tasks. This gives ample time to focus on customers’ projects.

Access to a wider market

A mobile spray foam rig allows handling customers’ projects without about geographical boundaries. You just drive to the customer’s location and back. This allows service customers in many places to build a bigger portfolio. With a wider customer base, your spray foam insulation business is likely going to grow much faster.

Material safety

The most significant benefit of a mobile spray rig is temperature control.  These rigs are portable to limit project downtime. You can serve customers regardless of geographical distance. The most significant benefit of a mobile spray rig is offering ample storage of spray foam materials and equipment at manufacturers’ recommendations. This makes your supplies viable for better yields when handling customers’ projects.

Safety considerations of a spray foam rig

When investing in a mobile rig, safety is a very important consideration. Safety when working with any chemical is very imperative. You have to invest in a mobile rig with your safety and that of your employees in mind, especially in confined spaces. Always consult a technical expert to make recommendations for the right purchase to guarantee safety. This requires investing in a spray rig with accessories including filters, respirators, safety suits, and gloves.

Tips to minimize Risk for better results

  • Proper identification of spray foam content by reviewing the product label
  • Appropriate knowledge and application of basic workplace safety practices
  • Taking appropriate precautions to ensure safety when handling projects
  • Minimal exposure to direct contact with spray foam insulation materials
  • Always wear appropriate clothing when handling projects

Safe and correct installation of spray foam insulation offers significant energy savings to customers and your wallet. With fewer workplace accidents, you are likely to spend less on medical emergencies. Additionally, with appropriate installation, your customers enjoy significant energy efficiency on cooling and heating to get lower energy bills.

Wrapping up

Mobile spray rigs make handling projects successfully with everything handy. You benefit from serving customers regardless of geographical distance. A mobile rig offers peace of mind knowing that all appropriate material and equipment are stored according to the recommended temperature.

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