How Much Does it Cost to Register a Trademark in Canada?


Canada is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to the quality of life, that is why many people from all over the world are coming to Canada and establishing their businesses. Apart from that, they are also investing a lot of money to get it done legally.

Therefore, one of the essential steps is to register a trademark in Canada to start and run their business legally. Just like other countries of the world, Canada also has policies, procedures, and fees to register a trademark. Today, we will discuss how much it costs to register a trademark and what steps should a person has to take to get it done.

What is a trademark and why it is necessary to get it registered?

Trademark is simply known as the identity of your business, product, or service, which can be your company name, logo, and other symbols or words that represent your company and allow it to become unique from others and secure it to get copied by others. In both cases, you can have legal rights over your business, and if anyone copies it, they will have to face legal consequences as well.

Now, coming towards the second point where we need to know why it is essential to get your trademark registered? Registering a trademark is not strictly necessary, but when you do, it gives you ownership of the trademark and the business you are running under it. Also, it allows you to protect your efforts and company through common law and provides you with certain rights with a registered trademark.

Why is it essential to get your trademark in Canada?

Just like many other developed countries, Canada also provides benefits to those who get their trademark registers. By doing so, you will have the exclusive right for using that trademark all over Canada for good 15 years (it is renewed for 15 years at a time). You will also get an exclusive right to initiate the infringement process in federal courts or provincial courts, which cannot be availed by unregistered trademarks.

When you register a trademark in Canada, it becomes evidence of the ownership of the company, logo, and business through a trademark. Therefore, if you have any dispute about your trademark, it can be used as proof of the opposing party. Registering a trademark in Canada also provides you with claim priority in getting your trademark registered in other foreign countries. Because it comes with all these benefits and no one wants to harm the reputation of their company and share the profits with other people who are copying them, it is rather pointless not to get your trademark registered.

How much does it cost to get trademark registration in Canada?

First of all, there are two ways to register your trademark in Canada. One thorough the file an application in the trademark office and the second from the Trademark Application online available on the website of CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office). There are separate forms for agents as well as printable trademark applications for you to fill and send.

While filling the form, you must also keep in mind that there are few options available, like use or made in Canada, for a different purpose, proposed use, as well as any combination. Therefore you need to be sure your trademark is used in Canada to get it registered here.

Improved Capacity to Enforce Trademark Rights in Canada

When a mark is registered, it is not possible to purchase the same or confusingly different marks in Canada. The logging of a trademark may dissuade others from attempting to register the same or a confusingly similar mark. When someone else embraces and uses more or confusingly identical marks, the landlord of the registered trademark will also have sole rights to more exceptional enforcement possibilities than the landlord of an unregistered trademark.

If a foreign government utilizes a registered trademark operator, trademark rights of proceedings are accessible to everyone.

1) A mark is similar to comparable goods or services.

2) A mark was disseminating misinformation with the registered trademark.

3) A trademark is probably to depreciate the value of the kindness involved with the registered trademark.

If one of these events happens, a registered trademark owner can assert the trademark’s unique benefits.


When we talk about the basic fee of trademark registration, it is $250 for online submission and $300 for any other way. This is a filing fee and is also non-refundable.  If your application for a trademark is successful, then you need to pay more than $200 for the certification of registration. It is the necessary fee charged by the federal government and does not include any charges of the trademark agent. Your cost may vary if you hire a trademark agent according to their service and charges.

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