[Infographic] The Unique Experience in Geotees Tees


The clothing industry is continuously getting more competitive with many different brands springing up and providing competition. A wide variety of t-shirts are available now, and nearly all are similar to each other in terms of appearances, which makes it harder for players in the industry to stand out.

Everyday t-shirts are the typical products of the different competing companies, but geotees or geography t-shirts are standing out from the ordinary with high-quality tees that promote the cities they came from while being delivered in excellent packaging.

Geotees are different from the run-of-the-mill everyday tees since they don’t shrink or wrinkle compared to other souvenir shirts, are soft to the touch, and come in a simplistic design that lacks loud messages and fancy imagery and logos that look identical to other souvenir shirts. Geotees are the perfect takehomes from your travels as opposed to the standard t-shirts.

City promotion is something brands are going for to sell their products, and even cheap manufacturers are joining in. Geotees steps city promotion by including an illustration of the most iconic places in the city in their package to keep from putting too much in the tees.

Your experience in purchasing geotees is different from the usual tees since the product is packed excellently in a box bearing the logo and name of the city, which is a step up from the other brands.

See this infographic by Geotees for more information about their product and services.

The Unique Experience in Geotees Tees