How to Update Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets?


Are you bored with your Kitchen Cabinets? Those old kitchen layouts are leaving you out?

Do you want something new in your kitchen area?

So, here are some thoughts of a designer, which will help you to redesign, re-modulate & renovate your kitchen efficiently.


If your kitchen has some good bones but it looks simply tired, adding some colors to your cabinets can be just what the doctor has ordered. You can add richness by mixing up colors on upper & lower cabinets, or on cabinets & island.

Your cave-like kitchen feels that way because your dark-coloured cabinets have slurped all the light of the room. A brighter makeover does not necessarily mean replacing those melancholy boxes with new-ones. Also, as long as the frames & doors are architecturally sound, just clean them up, brush on a fresh coat of paint- & within a weekend the kitchen is taken from dreary to sunny.

All you need is some cleaning agent, sandpaper, paintbrush, your favorite paint color & little elbow grease. This transformation will cost you a fraction of even the cheapest new cabinets. So what you do not need is a bag of money.

The best thing is to paint the cabinets with chalk paint. It has many benefits over latex or any other paints. Chalk paints are not easy to use but they give a very lavishing view to the eyes.

Add Task Lighting or Up-Lighting

Installing lights is not only practical improvement but also it can glow your whole kitchen. The up-lighting energy-efficient LED tape can be placed on the top of the cabinets & task-light fixed under the cabinets.

This task-lighting is fairly easy to retrofit underneath the upper wall cabinets, bathe the countertop in bright white light. Overall, it is boon for everything from dicing veggies to reading recipes. One thing you can do is attach the fixtures to a dimmer switch, & you also now will have the key to dramatic accent lightening or night lighting for midnight snacks. This installation is simple & cost-effective also.

Build a Butcher Block Island

If you are going for homey & cozy in your kitchen, skip the built-in-cabinet-base island & instead make a central work area furniture like a table with a butcher-block counter. This is because this thick wood-slap top has its edge exposed; they are stronger than wood laid on flat. That means they resist warping & nicks.

Butcher-block islands mimicking the 19th century, wooden tables are perfect to toning down the coldness of stone counters & metal appliances in modern cook spaces.

Install a Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf

By installing a Pull-out cabinet shelf, you can make the most of your kitchen‘s existing storage space. The shelf bears a resemblance to the shallow drawer that glides out for the ease to keep & pick the utensils or items required. This helps the consumer to get their hands on the last item easily.

Build a Sideboard

Dishware, serving pieces, table linen- a sideboard holds a lot of storage space into relatively a small footprint, making it a handy addition to your household. A sturdy, high-quality one can leave a thousand-dollar dent to your finances, the Kitchen Cabinet store in Bergen County can give you this in very low cost. opt for unfinished 15 to 18 inches cabinet fitted with doors & operable drawers. Take a day to work on it & put it together. Your handsome creation will turn heads at the dinner parties for years on.

Add a Plate Rack

You could leave your dishes on the countertops, or if your plates are colorful, you can make a place for them to display. Under the cabinets & over the Kitchen sink, you can make a place that can hold your plates wisely & make it look much better.

Add Height

Close off the area above the cabinets. Use wood blocks & paint them to match the color of your cabinets to close the upper area of the cabinets. You can add trims to show yourself as decorative as you can be.

Add Molding or Trim to the Doors

A quick update is to add molding to the cabinet doors or use trim to them. You can attach short nails, but doors that are thin, use a liquid adhesive. Also, Liquid Nails is a strong adhesive product.   

In the last, kitchen cabinets updating is a task that can help you to change the overall look of your Dream kitchen. This will make things look new & fresh.

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