Chart Your Professional Course: 5 Perks of Becoming an Apprentice


Everyone wants financial security and some level of safety in their personal and professional lives. We all work hard to earn a living, and even when we come across challenging situations the likes of the pandemic, we do our best to elevate our chances to retain that security. 

However, the notion of professional growth and that security has changed over time. We used to limit our perception and definition of “stability” to those conventional nine-to-five jobs and preferably zero changes until retirement. Today, with digital nomadism on the rise, as well as a slew of remote and flexible work opportunities, it’s no wonder that idea is changing.

Another option that is quickly becoming a top pick for many aspiring professionals is taking on an apprenticeship. These highly practical, in-demand training opportunities are helping people qualify for lucrative jobs in a multitude of industries, but they are also a great chance for many to change their professional course. If you’re not certain where you want to go next in your career, consider the following perks of becoming an apprentice – maybe this is precisely the best choice for you.

Paid practical experience

Learning is a rewarding process in and of itself, but when you’re trying to build a career from scratch, you know that you also need to do your best to retain some level of stability. Apprenticeships are paid, at a rate that is slightly lower at first, but you gain experience, knowledge, skills, you spend time around professionals who can put you in touch with others who can hire you later on, and above all, you can make a living. 

Direct career opportunities

Getting the right training from the right institutions and companies means that you are immediately building a network of people who can and will help you find employment. What’s more, apprenticeship companies work to find the perfect match between the company looking for employees, and apprentices looking for paid work and training. 

Every business creates training modules and uses industry-recognized methods to help apprentices improve their abilities quickly, and even more so, to be fully employable after their training. Most apprentices actually stay with the same companies that give them the training, while others get various offers and find lucrative career opportunities quickly after training. 

Industry-recognized certification 

One of the core reasons people turn to apprenticeships is accreditation. Instead of devoting years to a specific field through academic education, especially if you don’t have the means to do so, apprenticeships give you the opportunity to gain the kind of certification that is recognized and accepted by the industry.

The best way to make sure that your career path is one that is approved by your industry is to seek out training and education that is recognized and relevant. 

Better employment potential

Most people considering an apprenticeship do so out of necessity, which means that you likely need to amplify your chances to get a job for the long haul, and not just in the immediate future. Many people would turn to education as one of the best ways to accomplish that, and in addition to taking up tech and business seminars which have become much more popular in recent months, apprenticeships are also gaining more traction.

Apprenticeships are usually linked to a particular business, so when you’re assigned as an apprentice to a company, you will likely be trained to embrace a full-time position with that same company once your apprenticeship is complete. Even if there is no room for new employees, they will likely put you in touch with a business that needs people with your skills. 

Mentorship and support

Apprenticeships are typically organized in different trades and professions that don’t always require conventional academic education or even online courses. That said, an apprenticeship doesn’t come with the same kind of class structures you’d expect in a school, and in addition to having that practical side of your courses, you also gain access to the finest mentors and practitioners to teach you the ropes. 

Since you might already have some knowledge or experience with the field of your choice, you can get tailor-made support and assistance in improving your skills beyond what you already know. A mentor is usually assigned to you, which also helps you get one-on-one time with an experienced professional to prepare you for the real world. Plus, working directly with you, your mentor can either make sure you get a job immediately after you complete your training, or you can get their recommendation, which can also push you forward in your career. 

Apprenticeships are far from novel ideas in the modern world, but with so much focus on other, versatile options, it’s no wonder so many people haven’t considered this lucrative, promising career path. If you want to requalify for a new profession, find a good company that matches your values, or establish yourself as a professional in your field of work, then this is definitely a great option for you.

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