7 Puppy Care Essentials for New Pet Parents


Getting a new puppy for the first time is a magical experience. However, puppies can’t run on pure love and tail wags-they need a bunch of things that will ensure they are comfortable, safe, and happy. You need to prepare well before your puppy arrives so that you’re ready to meet all their needs. So in order to start your puppy parenting on the right foot and provide your pet with the best early days possible, here are the puppy care essentials you need to get your hands on: 

Food and bowls

Your pup will be extremely food-oriented in their early days, so make sure to provide them with a safe, calm, and practical place to eat. A good bowl with a rubber bottom will provide easy feeding to you and a non-sliding bowl for the pup. When it comes to storing the food, it’s best to free one cabinet in your kitchen and reserve it for your dog’s food and treats. This way, you can prevent smells from going around your house and keep the food safe from greedy teeth. The same water bowl is also a great idea, but feel free to place it on a towel for easy spill evacuation. 

Leashes and collars

It’s crucial to bring your puppy outside for walks. Walks are great for physical activity, healthy development of the body, and the development of the animal’s brain. It’s also great to expose your dog to new scents, sights, and sounds and socialize them with other dogs and humans. For that, you need a proper collar and a leash. These are usually very affordable and can be purchased in different styles and colors. 

ID tags

Your puppy will most likely stay inside for the most part, but when you go on walks or have free yard time, you need to ensure your pup is safe. Young animals tend to be easily distracted and wander off quickly, so make sure your pup is provided with a practical smart pet tag that can easily be scanned by the people who come across your lost doggy. The NFC tag can contain all your information and your phone number so you can come to get your puppy quickly and easily. This is a perfect solution for owners who often change their addresses and contact information. 

Grooming and oral care

It’s important to find a good groomer for your dog, someone who will be careful and thorough when providing your pup with a bath and haircut. However, groomers can’t do all the work, and you need to brush your dog at home (depending on their fur type). Do some research into what kind of brushes are best for your dog’s coat and purchase them to use every day or every other day. You should start to practice oral care between 8 and 16 weeks of your pup’s life and throw in some oral care treats in the mix as well. 

Crate and beds

Puppy training often includes crate training which can be very useful in the future when you need to transport your dog in a crate or keep them safe from danger. The crate will provide the dog with a safe space and help keep your house from getting destroyed while you’re not home. And make sure to keep one or two light beds around the house so your pup can catch up with naps and have a break. 

Pet insurance

No matter how much you try to keep your puppy happy and healthy, things happen that can endanger your dog’s health and well-being. If you invest in pet insurance, you can stay safe from unexpected medical costs and get the best care for your pet the money can buy. 

Find a good vet

Your vet should be your best ally in the care of your puppy. During its life, your dog will need to visit the vet regularly for shots, weighing, and basic health checks. Your vet will explain everything about vaccinations and booster shots-you just need to keep track of the dates. It’s good to bring your pup to your vet’s office regularly to get them used to the place while they are young and develop a good relationship with the staff. 

You will also need toys, cleaning products, special shampoo, doggy vitamins, dog clothing, etc., but the things listed above are the bare necessities that every dog parent needs to provide for their pup. And of course, arm yourself with lots of patience, and don’t hesitate to shower your puppy with love and cuddles.

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