Psychic medium: All you need to know about it


There is a cycle followed by people underneath you in this world, born, and you die one day. Many of you might be under the impression that your cycle of being born to death is not complete, there is more to it, and you think of ways to decipher or break a situation in front of and put words and meaning to it.

Being an affair and educated individual, you must be wondering that if your human form dies, it is gone forever, and there is no way in any shape or form that you can get that back or, in a parallel world, talk to the deceased. Still, there are a few who seem to make such claims. A psychic medium has been used by many to find ways to get in touch with the deceased and bridge the gap between living and dead.

Some of you might be wondering if it is not an ideal or a good option because once an entity is dead, it should remain dead, and in no circumstances should it be disturbed. But there are a few professionals who study and master this art of acting as a medium between living and dead.

All you need to know about the gap and differences between living and dead?

There’s a theory that is up and running in this world that once you die, your human form is transferred to spiritual form, which might stay in this world or because your good or bad deeds might go to heaven or hell. A few chosen ones who choose to follow this path of interacting with the deceased, or one might say spiritual entities, are very strong-willed and available in what they’re doing. With the process and their study, they can acquire third-eye vision, which helps them with that kind of conversation aiming at the spiritual being, which is what psychic medium is all about.

It is a simple theory that requires an open and enlightened brain that is ready to receive and understand the complexities of how things operate. You need to have an open mind and think of it in a way that is not confined to normal science and human rules for such a kind of study. People might use the ways of possession and acting as a vessel for someone else’s spirit as a Medium to contact, and this is something that is a heavy challenge for someone to deal with. So you have to bring an open eye and a big heart to the table if you are thinking of pursuing this as your career option.

What are some of the major myths and realities related to this but of the world?

There might be many believers and non-believers out there who think this is all a sham and a petty way of making money, but it’s all true. Some things and processes are out of our control and things are way beyond our understanding. You need to have that kind of enlightenment and patience to understand what is going on, and you need time and perseverance to get a glimpse of it.

People who have taken up psychic medium as their career option has reached a mind and status in their life where their mind can read, receive and understand things as they should in this particular profession. Their receptivity is second to none, and the responses may be very different from that what you’re thinking. The psychic medium is more than a woman with the ball or saffron turban and Vermilion on his head. It is a deep-rooted study and requires a lot of professionalism.

Death is the only thing that adds value to your life

Imagine what would happen to us if we were immortal. Living on this planet forever, wouldn’t that make our lives miserable? There would never be any end in sight, and we would just be living purposely. We should be thankful that death happens to us. It gives us a purpose to live and achieve goals in the limited amount of time we have on earth. But, the problem is that we think we are immortal. We live our lives as if we are going to be here forever.

We indulge in our unnecessary psychological drama, thinking that it is real. When the truth is that it is our imagination and is non-existent. We fail to give importance to the marvelous creator that is within us. All of us are born with immense potential and are blessed with a lifetime to discover it. We should make the most of the time we have here. Reminding ourselves that we are mortal now will create a lot of difference in our lives.

As far as a psychic medium is concerned, people do become conscious enough to predict certain things. And that is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes consistent effort, practice, and patience.

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