7 Easy Ways to Increase SoundCloud Plays and Followers Successfully


Know about the tricks and technique that can help you gain SoundCloud Plays and followers almost instantly. Registering an account simply is not all you can do, there is a lot more to do in order to expect desired results.

SoundCloud has enormous reach when it comes to music promotion and connecting to artists from all over. SoundCloud has opened a new dimension for musicians, especially for the beginners. Mostly, the most frequent suggest you get is to buy SoundCloud Followers, but before doing that you should know how to make it work for yourself.

Even if you go for the paid promotion, that is not the guarantee of your success. Instead, you should know the right methods to make it work for your music.

The following are 7 ways to increase SoundCloud Plays and followers:

1. Correctly upload the music

Do not be lazy to upload music from your mobile, it is always recommended to upload the track using a desktop/laptop. Advantageous factors like, tags, description, metadata, and permissions are missed knowingly or unknowingly, which you should not be casual about. Make sure all these factors are well written as per the character limit and relevance to your music.

You should be detailed yet brief while writing the description. Add Title, which should include the name of the song and artist. For example, you cannot brag about your music, and skip on credits. Include all the team members, artists, professionals who contributed and supported the making of the song. Also try to create engaging content for the listeners, so that they feel relatable. Also, the audio can have a summary about the story you want to tell to your listeners, it’s a great way to build a connection with listeners, that stays for long and helps you increase SoundCloud followers.

2. Appropriate Set-up of your SoundCloud account

Set-up of your SoundCloud account

Usually, this setting-up step is not of much use for many, but you should know the importance of each aspect. Please be aware of the elements that can help you engage with a large audience. To get more listeners, you should create your account using the Facebook account (already active). Doing, this will automatically give you attention from the existing contacts on Facebook. Also, new SoundCloud users are more likely to follow you if you are active through Facebook, it’s a tested formula. Share your profile on all other social channels you are active on like Twitter.

While adding profile URL and description, add high-resolution images only, as they easily get you, first 1000 followers. Add location, profile picture (in high-quality). While reading the profile details, the listener should know everything behind the song, the inspiration, the making, the genre, the purpose. This can be done by sharing all these details through description, use the character limit wisely. Engage more listeners, by allowing them to download and making the track available in MP3 format.

Once, the connection is built, it gets stronger and meaningful with your every upload.

3. Pick up rare tracks

Think more, before uploading a song. Is the song going to be of repeat-value for the listeners? Is it going to be a song that listeners would like to cover? Yes, all the answers cannot be concluded before taking the action. But these questions will help you evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your music. Now, it is not about doubting the hard work or creative efforts you have put in, but it is more about adding value and polishing the product you are going to upload.

From the musicians’ perspective, make your track well mixed and mastered first, otherwise no matter how unique or innovative the idea is, listeners will not loop it at all. Give them quality, uploading one track daily or thrice a week is not a criterion of success. What you put out should have the calibre to listen to it on loop, make it that way.

In case, the tracks are not created by you, try to give them songs what listeners are eager to listen to but are tough to find on the web.

4. Know the right Tagging

Every song has a genre and every genre has a mood to it. Always use related and similar interest tags for the song, so that the listeners can find them when they search that genre on SoundCloud. Technically also it is suggested to give the track relevant tagging. Otherwise, it is disqualified to be discovered. Tagging is a major social media factor, which you cannot overlook in SoundCloud as well.

5. Become a Pro, Go for the paid version

Go for the paid version

If you want an instant increase, then you can Buy SoundCloud reposts, as they will push some organic likes an followers. But only by buying SoundCloud Plays, you cannot expect to have a loyal fan base for a long term. To enable the reach you should go with SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account, this allows you to use tools and features to increase followers. This tool will give you insightful details about where your listeners come from and you can upload more with limitless storage on SoundCloud. Pro version helps you manage the account more accurately and puts you in the few selected Pro users, which in itself make you more trustworthy for listeners.

6. Find a place in blogs for promotion

Pitch in those blogs or websites who like to showcase music by new artists, you can go to their contact us page and share what your music is about and your genre. A mention in such a blog would help you get genuine listeners, it will give your music another dimension of target listeners.

7. Try paid but reliable platforms

You can buy SoundCloud Plays from cheap sources but the results will not be desirable. If you are planning to buy SoundCloud Plays, followers or likes, it is best to go with the trusted names in the industry. Do not fall for spam websites and offers, rather choose realistic offers and reasonable prices.

Bonus Tip: For new musicians, it is suggested to create ‘cover songs’ of your favorite artist or the trending artist. It can really become a trait of your success.

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