All the people who have ever used a USB Drives knows very well how easy it is to lose a file. The key combination of ‘Shift and Delete’ is disastrous as it prevents users from getting the deleted files in Trash folder. This article explains how to recover shift deleted data from pen drive in a simplified manner.

USB Flash Drives or Pen Drives are convenient and capacious devices to store confidential data, logins, passwords, and other information. Some computer users are habitual to use Shift+Delete buttons whenever they remove files and folders from USB Drive. Well, it is a good way to pass Recycle Bin folder however, it seems the worst command when users lost their crucial data files permanently to which they want to access again. One of the best examples of this scenario is following:

“I am having a very bad habit of hitting Shift and Deleted keys to deleted files/ folders so that I do not have to delete them again from the Recycle Bin folder. But, sometimes I mess up the things and delete files that I do not intend to. Yesterday, I had copied some official files to my pen drive and deleted them from my PC. After that, I realized that there are some unnecessary files also in the pen drive so accidentally I selected all the files and pressed Shift+Delete keys. In order to recover those lost files, I tried some of the manual solutions but nothing works for me. I need my lost files back anyhow and I have no idea that which third-party tool can help me to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. Is there anyone who can advise me a reliable and actually working application to recover shift deleted data from pen drive. Any advice would be appreciated highly. Thank you in advance!”

No matter which USB Key you are using, you must keep this thing in mind that these storage devices are not foolproof and highly prone to accidents. So, if you have lost your files permanently from pen drive then, the first thing you need to know is to stop performing any kind of read-write operation on it. It is so because doing this can worsen the condition and decreases the chances of complete data recovery.

Best Solution to Recover Shift Deleted Data from Pen Drive

SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Tool is an eminent solution to restore and recover permanently deleted files from Pen Drive and SD card. It is a smart approach to restore files/ folders even after formatting the pen drive and the software provide support to FAT/ exFAT/ NTFS formatted USB keys and recover shift deleted data from pen drive in a few simple steps. Using this one can recover images, videos, docs, and all other multimedia from pen drive. It supports the recovery of data from all brands pen drives of any size. Below are the steps to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive:

  • Download and install the SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Tool. Launch it and the tool will display a list of all the attached external drives
SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Tool
  • Connect the pen drive to computer from which you want to recover the lost data and hit the Refresh View button from the software panel
  • The tool will display newly attached pen drive in the pane and select it. All the basic attributes of this pen drive will be displayed in the right side
  • Now, you will get two different scanning options i.e., Scan and Formatted Scan. Select Scan option to perform quick recovery of deleted and corrupted data. Select Formatted Scan option to recover data from formatted pen drive
  • After a successful scanning process, the software will list all the recovered data and bold the folders that contain data. The shift deleted data items will be highlighted in red color
  • Next, you can either save only selected data or complete recovered data items
  • Save Selected Data: In order to save only some selected data, choose all the files and click on Save
  • Save Complete Data: To save complete recovered data, select the root folder and click on Save
  • Go and browse a particular location to save the resultant file or you can create a new folder also direct from the software to save the recovered data. Click OK
  • Export process will begin right after this and you can check the current progress report in software pane. Once the recovery process gets completed, hit the OK button
  • Finally, navigate to the destination location and access all the recovered data items without any difficulty

Above All

If users use Shit+Delete command to delete data items from a USB device, the data becomes lost forever. After this recovering shift deleted data from pen drive, seems impossible and a complex task. Considering all this, we have come up with this technical blog. Here, we have introduced users with an automatic third-party tool that can recover shift deleted data from pen drive safely.

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