What Things to Do Every Day to Become Smarter


We all know that these days only the smart worker survives. But smart work is the game-changing factor between winning and losing.

Becoming a smart worker is not an overnight process; it takes time and dedication for the same. Here are a few tips that you can practice every day to become smarter.

Watch videos online

Videos are the new wave of the digital revolution. So you can see interesting and productive videos to kickstart your day.

Tedtalks, INKTalks, Ted-Ed are some of the great examples you can consider to start your routine of watching online. YouTube channels like Eric Thomas, Motivation Grind, etc. These are also some of the best places you can get positivity.

Learn programming language

We cannot ignore the fact that this is the era of information technology. You need to know the basics of the programming language in order to sustain yourself in the industry.

Basic programming languages like C++, C, Java, HTML, and JavaScript can have a great impact on not only your skills but your career.

Optimum use of social media

Millennials spend most of their time following or rather stalking someone’s Instagram profile. Well, the activity is not going to take you anywhere.

Take charge of your life and cut down your daily social media usage for your own good. May an hour a day be good just too fresh and relax your mind.

Smart use of smartphone

Smartphones, apps, and emails have become an integral part of our day-to-day social interactions. Even if you think of opening your inbox just for one second, you would never know when that time may exceed a couple of hours.

So, start reading the notifications only to save your precious time.

Track your records

Maintaining your to-do list every day will have immense effects on your routine.

You will observe major productivity growth in your daily life if you just maintain a list where you can track down the things which you did or will be doing throughout the day.

Research well

Take any topic of your liking. It can be of your industry or something else. History, science, geography, etc.

You must invest your attention smartly in either of these subjects and research some noteworthy works from great personalities. This will boost your knowledge.

Read news

Along with research work, one must know the current happenings of the world. Read newspapers, and search online for current affairs to be aware of what is happening in your surroundings.

You can read from news.google.com or use inshorts, newsstand, TOI mobile apps for reading news.

Have a good company

During weekends, attend seminars, meetups, and discussions to network with smart people. This way, you can expand your network and get in touch with like-minded and smart people who will motivate you to improve yourself.

Sign up for podcasts and listen to audiobooks

There are many online resources available where you can enroll in the podcast, purchase audiobooks, listen online, etc. Just make sure you stick to what you like.

Listening to any random media on the web will have a lesser impact on you.

Games can be handy

Download mobile games like Sudoku, play chess at home, and have a tic-tac-toe at home.

These games will make your brain sharpen your thought process and develop problem-solving capabilities.

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