6 Landscape Design Trends And Ideas


Spring is the time to be outdoors – and it provides you with the ideal opportunity to get your outdoor space updated so you will be able to immerse yourself completely in the warm weather months that are approaching. In this article, we have compiled some of the top Houston landscaping ideas and the best tips and trends from some of the leading landscape architects and designers, that range from smaller details to big-picture ideas to help inspire you to enhance your yard so that you can enjoy it all summer long.

Bring The Indoors Outside With Houston Landscaping

Indoors Outside With Houston Landscaping

Many clients of ours would like to be able to enjoy their homes – both outdoors and indoors, while not having to give up all the comfortable features that interior living spaces provide.  Both outdoor and indoor lighting that is thoughtfully designed is a component that can provide a space with a warm and pleasant ambiance. From gathering around an outdoor fireplace warm glow to the dramatic effect of an uplit urn, to stairs with subtle downlights into a lit-up swimming pool, lighting design enhances and provides an added dimension to outdoor living spaces to allow a client to fully enjoy with friends and family.

Creating Comfortable Entertaining And Gathering Areas

One of the main focuses currently is entertaining and cooking. Trends that never go out of style include seating arrangements where inviting spaces are provided for both small and large gatherings, heaters and fireplaces for extending the seasons, as well as lighting for enhancing the experience. Get your interior decorator enlisted to help make your outdoor living an extension of your home’s interior. Some of the other trends that we have seen recently for the ideal outdoor space include full-service bars and kitchens that have a lounging area as well. To make the space even more complete a TV can be added for watching sports or audio for encouraging singing or dancing.

Add Functional Bath And Kitchen Features

Are you looking forward to outdoor and spring entertaining? Stock up your refrigerator and grab your swimsuit so you can relax next to the pool this summer. Your experience can be maximized by having an outdoor kitchen that features an ice maker/refrigerator, storage cabinets, and sink. Form and function can be added by integrating an outdoor shower into your landscape.

Drawn Inspiration From The Interior Of Your Home

Interior of Your Home

The layout of a great garden design, like a good house floor plan, flows and shows you the best way to move through space and hold your attention. We always draw on interior design and architecture for the garden layouts that we do – interior views, how rooms are used and at what times of the day they get used, the furniture and colors all need to relate to the outdoor scene.

Plant a Garden for Your Kitchen

Plant a Garden for Your Kitchen

As an increased desire and awareness for healthy eating has emerged, we have been seeing more requests for herb gardens, potager gardens, and organic gardens so that live fresh food is available straight from your very own garden.

Houston Landscaping Ideas

For more information on our designs and the different trends for landscaping in Houston, make sure to contact a professional today.

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