What to do if Your Hot Water Service Is Not Working Properly?


The Hot Water System is one of the essential appliances in every household. They can either be gas, electric, and solar-powered or a combination of these. No one prefers to have cold showers, especially during the winter months. So, the hot water service is considered to be an absolute necessity.

But if you are from a large family, then you may come across many problems in these systems. This is because some hot water service or system is not powerful enough to facilitate heating a lot of water for the entire family.

As a result, issues related to these systems are very common. Below given are some of the important tips that you should follow whenever the hot water service or system is not working properly.

Worn or Broken Heating Elements

Failed heating elements can cause problems specifically with little or no heat. The heating element is an inexpensive part that is very easy to replace. Apart from that, some other common problems include lack of tank maintenance, high home water pressure, or improper settings.

So, whenever you notice the heating elements or coils in your electric hot water service or system are worn or broken, your system would lose the ability to effectively heat the water present inside the tank.

Defective Thermostat

Defective thermostat

The thermostat of an electric hot water service tells the heating elements when to heat up and also monitors the water temperature. In this regard, a typical hot water system will possess 2 thermostats and 2 elements. Both of these thermostats play a very important role in heating the water.

So, if any malfunctioning occurs in the thermostat, it can cause the water to get too cold or too hot. The thermostats are attached to the valve on your electric hot water system.

All that you need is to check whether it is working properly or not by comparing the actual temperature of water to what is exactly shown on the gauge.

Electrical Faults

A blown fuse is a common cause of the hot water shortage that is seen in electric hot water service or system. Sometimes the switch can be tripped or someone can turn it off, so you can check the cause by having a look at the switchboard in your home.

The hot water switch can be easily identified with the help of the “hot water” label present on it. If you see any problem with the switchboard or the switch is off, it is the best time to call a licensed electrician who will test the circuit board. This is important as faulty wiring can be very dangerous.

Water Leaks

This is one of the most commonly occurring problems which is mainly caused by plumbing connections and leaking valves. Sometimes, this can also be due to tank problems. Leakage of water can cause significant damage, particularly to residents.

Therefore, it is very important to fix the leak as early as possible. This kind of leak can be due to tank corrosion or loose heating elements. All that you need is to check the elements for looseness and tighten those well to eliminate the problems.

Also, if you are unable to find the actual reason or if you notice a significant break at the base of the water heater, at that point you should contact an expert to investigate and, then you should contact a local plumber to handle such issues.

So, these are some of the most common problems experienced in hot water systems. If you are experiencing any other electrical issues in a hot water system, then it is best to opt for expert services that will help to effectively solve the problem.

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