7 Tips to Choose a Kids’ Scooter


Did you know that scooters are great for kids because it can help develop their motor skills as well as their sense of balance? Not only that, but it also excites them to go outside and get some exercise in a fun way. If you invest in a good quality scooter for your child, you can watch them outgrow it and give you your money’s worth!

Since kids love bikes and scooters, you should consider giving them one as early as possible. It is not only a fun toy for them, but it also gives them a sense of mobility. However, the only way they will be able to truly enjoy the scooter is when you get the right one. But remember that every kid is different and has their own preference.

So, if you are looking to buy Kids Scooter In Australia, then you must read the tips given below that will guide you to make the right purchase decision.

Buy the right size as per their age

Will you ever buy shoes that are too big for your kid? If the answer is no, use the same logic when buying a scooter too. It is very important to match the age and size of the scooter before making the purchase. If it is too big or small, it could put them off scooting and make them dislike the activity which would have otherwise been great fun!

Wheel size – big or small

Rubber wheels found on folding scooters are good and light but only on smooth terrain. They won’t even be able to sustain the hard surface of ordinary pavement! Folding scooters come with small rubber wheels that are good for short rides on smooth roads. They have narrow handlebars which makes them tricky to balance and uncomfortable for a long ride. But if your kid is old enough to ride something a little heavier, then you should look for scooters with inflatable wheels that are capable of handling all kinds of terrains comfortably. Additionally, if you have well-inflated tires with high-quality bearings, then they can easily ride lightly on any surface.

Footboard Height

The footboard height determines how comfortable or demanding the riding experience will be. If the height is too much, the lower the child will be. As a result, they would have to squat which can lead to pain in their little legs. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the height of the footboard which does not exceed 7 cm. This height is perfect to provide a comfortable riding experience on all kinds of terrains. If you are buying the scooter online, then you will be able to find the exact distance of the footboard from the ground under the Ride Height information in the product description. Read all the details carefully and assess the right height before making the purchase. Simply put, make sure that the footboard isn’t too low. The higher the footboard, the better it responds to uneven surfaces.

Check the brakes

For the safety of your child, the scooter should have at least one good quality break that is appropriately sized to your child’s hand size. Brakes should be adjustable so that they can be used and grabbed comfortably by your kid’s little fingers.

Footboard Length

The footboard length should be related to the scooter’s total length. It neither has to be extra-long nor extra wide. All it needs is enough to comfortably position one foot. A wide footboard will make it difficult for the kid to push off and a long one will affect the ease of movement. The ideal length is up to 35 cm and the width should be no more than the shoe’s width. When making a purchase, always look for extras like anti-slip features on the footboard that will increase the safety of your child on wet surfaces.

Bearings for ease of riding

How comfortably will the scooter ride depends on the bearings Don’t forget,  you get what you pay for If you are buying a cheap scooter, don’t expect it to come with such features such as quality bearings. Well, inflated tires along with bearings make riding a fun and enjoyable experience for your kid.

Never neglect safety

Do not invest in a scooter that does not meet the most basic safety standards. Look for things like reflective signs on the scooter, ergonomic handlebars, anti-slip features, flush bolts, etc. These small things go a long way in protecting your child against injury.

So, there you go! These seven tips are what will help you determine the right scooter for your kid. Make sure you have thoroughly read these tips to educate yourself about kids’ scooters and only purchase from a trusted and reliable seller.

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