Do Our Kids Meet with Online Predators?


Social networking sites connect us with people worldwide and give a common platform to share real-life activities with online friends. Adults know how to deal with scam messages and online predating. 

But do our kids know the tips to prevent online predators?

Well, more than 80% of children do not know about online predating until they experience it. Of course, we will not want our children to get preyed on by online molesters. Parents often neglect the consequences of social media and other social networking sites. But it has become crucial to monitor the kid’s online activities and who they are in contact with. 

Kids visit the specified place to meet online predators without thinking about its consequences. Such molesters meet the victims and buy them new dresses, or accessories, etc. to earn their confidence. Our young generation does not even share their activities and plans with their parents and relatives. 

We need to keep an eye on our children about what they do online and keep noticing any sudden change in their behavior. Knowing such facts help to minimize potential risks. 

In this post, you can read the best parental control tips that every parent should teach kids plus the android spyware solution to eliminate the predating risks. 

Online Predators – Who are they?

Online predators are online users who build friendship bonds with children for sexual abuse or to harass them. They use social media platforms or mobile numbers to begin preying. 

Effective Tips – Teach Children How to Prevent Online Predators

Kids age 12-14 are the most vulnerable to online predators. There are 500,000 online predators on social networking sites, and it takes them only 10 minutes to prey on the victim. Such increasing online threats may harm your child’s mental health and also affect real-life relations later in life.

That’s why we are here to share powerful tips to get security from online predators. 

1 – Teens & kids should share only limited personal Stuff online, including photos, videos, etc. 

2 – They should not share Phone Number, Address or Institute name, etc. 

3 – No matter what messages they receive, they shouldn’t respond to any such messages. 

4 – They should not follow or add random people in the friend list. 

5 – They should never click on links that they receive through emails. 

6 – Interaction with Strangers in the comments section can bring the molesters or such individuals closer to kids. Ask your children to don’t get interacted with strangers on social media platforms.

7 – They should avoid chatting with friends of friends because they have no idea whom they are talking to. 

8 – If they receive any wrong Phone call, they should block that phone caller immediately. 

A parent should become a part of their internet world. How? 

Well, let’s come with us and find out how to keep an eye on children. 

People often think that they can protect their loved ones by following them on social media or become a member of their group chats. But it will not reveal who is sending them messages or emails. 

Monitor Teens & Kids Online Activities with Android spyware

Fortunately, parents can monitor the online activities of the child’s phone without touching it. Even they will not have any clue that someone is tracking them. All we need is to buy the android spyware to track them on social networking sites and track saved items on the mobile phone. 

Once you install the spyware on the android phone, the next step is to log in to the control panel. The end-user can monitor social media accounts, phone call recordings, text messages, email monitoring, WhatsApp monitoring, etc. 

Here, we will discuss a more useful feature, geo-fencing. This location-based service helps to set a secure or insecure zone for the target device user, and the end-user will get the alerts 24/7. It helps a lot to verify if your child goes to school, plus live-location will also reveal where your child is. 

Final Thoughts 

Kids meeting with predators bring so many physical and mental health problems, and such thoughts give parent Goosebumps. When such individuals meet our children, they can abduct or kidnap them. It gets kids involved in illegal things, or they can blackmail them to send private photos or videos. 

The deadliest meeting with strangers can happen only when our kids do not follow internet safety rules. We have shared some valuable tips that you can teach children about. The most effective way to minimize such threats is to become a friend of your child and use android spying apps to track where they go and do in the internet world. 

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