Types of Bags And How To pack For Motorcycle Rides


Recent studies have shown that riding a bike is not just an adventure but it is also good for your mental health. It also increases cardiovascular strength, decreases your stress level, improves your joint movements, and increases your stamina. Most people love to travel on a motorbike instead of cars and buses due to certain reasons.

It is important what you are carrying along with you for the ride which depends upon the nature of your ride and the terrain you are riding towards. You can add or remove things as per your needs like if you are riding into a rainy area then including a rain suit would be a must.

So, let’s start discussing what bags you should carry and what to pack in them for the ride to avoid any hustle while on the roads.

How to choose and pack your bags?

Packing for the ride isn’t easy at all. Mostly the new riders get confused over what to pack and what not to. Instead of hem and haw over what to pack, read this article and your Go-bag is ready


Backpacks would be the best choice for many of the riders to carry their essentials as they will stay in place while riding and will not get in your way while riding. You can put your essentials in it like your papers, wallet, other important things like your toothbrush, toothpaste, your mobile charger, Ear Plugs some eatables and your liquids for dehydrations.

But you should not carry it for so long as it weights against your shoulders and carrying it for a long time could cause injuries or unless you find the right type of backpack which is designed especially for the rides. You can check out the Viking Bags Backpacks for some quality and easy to carry backpacks or you can also use a tank bag if the same purpose but it will not be as safe as a backpack as you can easily carry the backpack than the tank bag if you have to leave the bike for any reason.

But if you have any spinal problems then the tank bag would be a better choice for you.


If you are getting ready for a motorcycle ride then you will need a nice pair of saddlebags, adjusted near the rear tire close to the saddle. It will not only provide you with some extra space but it could save your legs in event of any crash.

You can place your clothes in one of the bags like if it is a multi-day ride then pack a few extra T-shirts, I prefer to have 3 dry-fit, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 Quick Dry towels, track pants, and a few undergarments. on the other side, you can put a first aid kit, a tool kit, an inner tube, chain cleaner/tighter medicine pouch (always carry band-aids, cough syrup, pain relief spray, medicine for fever, cold, stomach allergy), few packs of tissue papers, hand sanitizers.

You can check out some nice Viking Bags Saddle Bags which provide optimal space and also provides your bike a stylish look.

Tail bag

If you are traveling with a pavilion then Carrying a Tail bag would not be a better idea. The tail bag is rectangular. It can get fitted into your motorbike seat. It provides you with almost 42 liters of capacity. You can even place your helmet in it or you can also take along your favorite pet animal in it.

It also has an advanced mounting system and safety features which keep it fixed in its place. It’s waterproof and keeps your stuff safe from rain. The tail bag is fixed at the back of your motorbike seat and its straps are fixed under your seat.

Some Safety Measures

Tire Check-up: Do Check the condition of your motorbike tires. The air pressure should be appropriate, tires should not be worn out. Sometimes tires are punctured and they seem like they are not. But this issue can cause a lot of problems while traveling.

Fuel Tank: Check your fuel tank, check if there is some leakage or not. Your toolbox should be the first thing you should pack up along with you to handle any kind of bike-related problem on the road.

Safety Gears: Another most important thing is to wear proper motorcycle safety; nothing is more expensive than our safety and life. According to stats, the number of fatal motorcycle crashes is rising rapidly in the past few years and this is due to the lack of proper safety gear.

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