Travel Destinations in Batangas, Philippines after Quarantine


To say that the quarantine has inflicted stress upon everyone is an understatement. From juggling remote work to finding resources to survive, people have become so overwhelmed by almost everything during this lockdown. 

We are all counting down the days until we can take a break from reality and unwind. After the quarantine, you may want to take a trip to a beach resort in Batangas or go on that hike you’ve been dreaming about. 

Let us help you with your plans. Here are travel destinations in Batangas that are definitely worth the trip after quarantine. 

Vivere Azure

Vivere Azure Experience
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The Philippines is a tropical country that boasts itself of some of the most pristine beaches in the world. With over seven thousand islands sprawling, only a number can claim that they are truly the best beach resort. 

The days after quarantine are dedicated to relaxing getaways with friends and family. If you’re looking for the perfect beach resort, nothing comes close to Vivere Azure. 

With premier suites to choose from, Vivere Azure offers the most serene and spacious lodging with stunning views of the ocean to wake up to. Along with the luxury ocean suites, you can also dine at al-fresco restaurants while overlooking the Batangas bay. Taste the savory cuisines crafted by world-class chefs. 

Vivere Azure is also the place to be for the most scenic diving locations. Experience the diverse Philippine marine life up close by free diving. Bask in the sun from the resort’s opulent infinity pool. Go on an island-hopping trip, kayak, snorkel, and have the best fun-filled water adventures with your loved ones. 

Enhance your luxury resort experience by booking a peaceful aromatherapy massage. Have the most relaxing time while being one with nature in the tranquil spa locations. 

Vivere Azure aims to offer the best luxury resort experience in Batangas, allowing you to have the best getaway experience near the Metro. 

Mt. Butalao

For a more nature-filled travel destination, visit the picturesque mountain of Mt. Batulao situated in Nasugbu, Batangas. This popular mountain trail is perfect for hikers who want to experience a truly marvelous view. 

Mt. Butalao is the perfect trekking destination to escape stressful city life. Its various trails and terrains are perfect even for newbies. Pass by expansive grasslands and magnificent boulder formations. Conquer Mt. Batulao by climbing for one to two hours. 

It will certainly be fulfilling to reach the top as you can witness a breathtaking view of Taal Lake and the scenic landscapes of the mountains surrounding the area.  

Fantasy World

Ever heard of the abandoned Disneyland of the Philippines? It’s the Fantasy World located in Lemery, Batangas. List this fascinating place down on your travel destination because it is truly marvelous. 

Fantasy World is a beautiful Bavarian-inspired castle that’s definitely out of a fairytale book. This theme park was abandoned due to the lack of funds. Nevertheless, it still gained the attention of curious travelers. 

If you’re fond of princesses and princes’ stories, this place is definitely worth visiting. Fantasy World will truly keep your head out of reality. 

When you enter, you’ll be surprised at how vast the castle is. The tall gates alone are already enough to make everyone’s head turn. Inside, you will be able to see several colorful swing rides and rollercoasters that don’t operate, a mini Ferris wheel, and even a giant labyrinth maze. 

Take pictures of the beautifully landscaped gardens and don’t forget to visit the two huge treehouses that link a hanging bridge. Feel like Rapunzel and climb the highest towers. Once you are at the top, you’ll have a 360-degree view of the castle grounds and the marvelous landscape sceneries of the mountains. 

Parish and National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio

Visit a sacred place where travelers go to seek tranquility. Visit the Parish and National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio at Santo Tomas, Batangas. This popular pilgrimage is named after Saint Padre Pio who people believe is the patron of charity and piety. 

Admire the grandeur of this shrine’s architecture. Its uniquely “salakot-shaped” roof is one to watch out for. A “salakot” is a woven, cone-shaped hat worn by many people in Southeast Asian countries as protection from the sun while farming. Enjoy a short moment of calmness and peace of mind inside. You might just leave the shrine feeling fulfilled. 

Key Takeaway

When it comes to traveling after the quarantine, we understand that you just want to visit the most relaxing destinations. 

Go hiking at Mt. Butalao. Be mesmerized at Fantasy World. Have a peaceful time at The Shrine of Saint Padre Pio. Or try to stay in Vivere Azure, the most luxurious beach resort in Batangas. 

Do everything to destress during your next getaway by visiting local travel destinations. In doing so, you won’t only have the best time, but you will also boost the local tourism of the Philippines in the midst of the pandemic. It’s a win-win situation.

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